Stormfoot Catacombs Dungeon Walkthrough – Elden Ring

The Stormfoot Catacombs in Limgrave are your introduction to traps in Elden Ring, and contains some decent loot in the form of spirit summons. It’s also your first look at a boss that you’ll see a lot more of in the future.

Unique Rewards:

As always, remember to grab the site of lost grace at the entrance before exploring the dungeon.
While heading further down, you will reach a room with a gate “Locked by some contraption”. Continue heading deeper.

You will reach a room with two enemies standing up above. You can either use ranged attacks to dispose of both of them, or just run through and deal with one of them that will jump down to fight you.

Past that room, continue through the next hallway until you reach a small room connected to a series of hallways with fire traps. In that room, there is an enemy on the wall that will jump down to try and ambush you. Once that’s been dealt with, wait for the fire to stop, and run through until you find a turn right.
Wait at the entrance of that next hallway until the fire stops again, and sprint behind the first trap you saw to disable it, and loot the Prattling Pate “Hello” item. Attack the trap to disable it, then continue on.

Now do the same with the next fire trap (using the right-hand passage to wait out the flames) until you reach its room. There, in the back of the room, you will find several enemies ambushing you. There is a total of 5 of them, with one jumping down on top of you as soon as you grab the item there. You want to either use ranged attacks to dispose of some of them quickly before they overwhelm you, or rush for one of the enemies that isn’t on the wall, to reduce their number before fighting the rest.

Alternatively, you can try and grab their attention by moving close to them or attacking them, and then using the fire trap that is still active in the hallway to dispose of them.

Afterwards, attack the trap to disable the fire, then go back to the nook with the ladder and climb it. You will find yourself on the floor above the two enemies that were using ranged attacks on you earlier. Dispose of the enemies there, and head straight until you reach a small room. You will find an enemy standing in the back while using ranged attacks, and another ambushing you on the right. Grab the attention of the enemy on the right, and head back out to deal with him first, then go back to the room and deal with the other one. Grab the Wandering Noble Ashes found in the room, and head back through the hallway.

Now go back to the room you climbed up into, and look down into the lower area. Jump down to the higher of the two lower levels, where you will find a lever behind the statue. Interacting with the lever will open the locked door that you came across earlier.

Proceed through the now unlocked gate, and you will reach the next boss: Burial Tree Watchdog. It’s a good idea to rest at the Site of Lost Grace at the start of the dungeon if you’ve used up any resources before continuing.

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1 year ago

There’s a Grave Glovewort (1) by the boss doors & another in the next room.Also one just up the ladder, one in the room with the Wandering Noble Ashes & one near the lever. A Ghost Glovewort (1) is in the room with 5 imps. Loved these guides! Best out there imo. Looking forward to the expansion!