Deathtouched Catacombs Dungeon Guide – Elden Ring

This dungeon in Limgrave is one of many dungeons containing a Black Knife Assassin, and possibly your first run-in with a fantasy RPG classic: skeletons!

Unique Rewards:

Grab the site of grace upon entering, then head down the stairs to find the boss door. Turn left and go down the next set of stairs, where you’ll find a skeleton who’s probably just assembling himself as you show up. Use a leaping or charged attack while he constructs himself, and once he goes down, wait for the skeleton to glow white, then hit it again (you’ll have to do this without lock-on, so aim using the left stick or WASD). Otherwise, it will continuously revive.

Kill the next one around the corner to the right, then go down to the stairs and turn around, heading under the platform you were just on. Kill the skeleton here, then go through the dark doorway on your left.

deathtouched catacombs doorway elden ring limgrave 1

Head down the hallway and take out the archers here on the high ground, then grab the Uchigatana and the x5 Arrows from the corpses draped over the edge of the platform. Drop down and kill the enemies below, then head into the nearby room with the statue that has a switch at its base. Grab the x3 Bloodrose and pull the lever — you can now head back to the boss door at the start of the dungeon to confront the Black Knife Assassin.

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11 months ago

Two x Grave Glovewort (1) in the first room (one under the stairs). Another one in the next room next to a Grave Violet & also one on the same level as the Uchigatana. A final one after you drop down (the room before the lever).