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Game: Elden Ring

Beast Clergyman seeks and devours these
Key Items

Maximum Held: 99

A source that gives rise to Those Who Live in Death. The beast clergyman, found at Bestial Sanctum in the distant east, collects and devours these roots. On the night of the dire plot the stolen Rune of Death enabled the first Death of a demigod. Later, the Rune of Death spread across the Lands Between through the underground roots of the Greattree, sprouting in the form of Deathroot.

How to Use Deathroot

Once you’ve collected your first Deathroot, you can go to Roundtable Hold and speak with D, Hunter of Dead in the main room. He’ll mark your map with a red mark just northeast of the Third Church of Marika in Limgrave. Go through the teleporter there and you’ll be transported to the Bestial Sanctum, in Caelid’s Dragonbarrow. Grab the site of grace and then speak to the Beast Clergyman in the back of the church — he’ll accept your Deathroot in exchange for various rewards:

Once you pick up your 4th deathroot, the Beast Clergyman will be hostile when you arrive at the Sanctum. You only have to do about 10% of his HP, and he’ll stop attacking. Speak to him and then rest at the site of grace; he’ll return to his original position and you’ll be able to give him more Deathroots.

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