Carian Study Hall & Divine Tower of Limgrave Walkthrough – Elden Ring

Unlike the other divine towers, the one in Liurnia isn’t used to restore a great rune, but instead to find the Cursemark of Death that progresses Ranni’s questline. To access this divine tower, you’ll need to go through the inverted version Carian Study hall — read on to discover how to access both versions of the study hall and reach the divine tower.

route to carian study hall elden ring map

The study hall is found in eastern Liurnia, and can be reached either from the lake, or from the high ground north of the study hall.

Before you can access the inverted version of the Carian Study Hall, you’ll need to do the first part of Ranni’s quest, by going to Nokron, Eternal City and acquiring the Fingerslayer Blade. Bringing the blade to Ranni and she’ll give you the Carian Inverted Statue. Then you can go to the Carian Study Hall in eastern Liurnia, and place the statue on the pedestal in the study hall’s first room. This will invert the study hall and let you access the Divine Tower of Liurnia.

Note that the path below starts with the inverted path, for people who want to complete Ranni’s questline without any sidetracking.

Note: It’s a good idea to equip the Carian Knight Shield if you grabbed it in Raya Lucaria, since it will be helpful with a couple of the enemies you face in the study hall.

Once you’ve inverted the study hall, go up either set of stairs to head south. You’ll find an elevator shaft with no elevator. Slowly walk into the shaft to fall onto the ledge below. Continue around the ledge south and jump into the window — there are three hands waiting for you just beyond, so take them out with Fire Pots or something ranged if you can before hopping down. Walk forward and you’ll see Preceptor Miriam standing on an inverted arch across from you. If you have a ranged attack, you can use it now to whittle her HP down (or even kill her) before continuing.

hitting miriam at range carian study hall elden ring
Hybrid builds > PvE

If you can’t kill her from here, that’s OK — her ranged attacks should hit the floor below you as long as you stay away from the edge. Go right (west) and then make your way along the ledge southwest until you can’t go any further. This next part is dangerous, so read ahead before continuing. Drop down to the southeast (kill the hand down there before or right as you drop), then go back west around the corner so Miriam can’t shoot you with arrows. There are two more hands back here in some narrow confines (and rolling can end up with you falling to your death), so utilizing a shield or a quick weapon is ideal.

Once the hands are dead, go east, hugging the wall so you stay out of Miriam’s line of sight, and then go up on the arch just far enough to aggro the spectral soldier with a spear and shield. Draw him back to where Miriam can’t hit you and take him down, then try to pick off the hands while staying out of Miriam’s sight. If this isn’t possible, and you can’t draw them down to safety below the arch, you’ll need to fight them while dodging Miriam’s spells — doable, but not ideal. Once both hands and the soldier are dead, you can engage Miriam — running towards her while moving diagonally will let you avoid her arrows. Once you get her to about 20% HP, she’ll teleport away, further to the south.

Hop back down to the north and go around the ledge heading east — at the end of the ledge, you can jump up into the alcove there and snag the Mask of Confidence from the corpse. Then return to the inverted arch and jump up. Be careful as you move south across the arch, as Miriam will be able to hit you with her Greatbow spell from where she teleported to. There should be another soldier nearby — pull him with a projectile or by running near him, then draw him back to the far side of the arch so you can fight him without Miriam smacking you with spells.

With the spectral soldier done for, drop down from the arch to the ledge below and turn right, then sprint west — at the spot where the ledge turns, there’s a hand that can be hard to spot waiting in the corner. Deal with the hand and continue down the ramp until the final spectral soldier and hand aggro, then run back up and fight them away from the ramp to avoid Miriam’s spells. Once they’re both dead, you can finish off Miriam, who has nowhere left to teleport to. Watch out for the hand hiding in the cobwebs behind Miriam.

hiding hand carian study hall elden ring v2
The hiding hand is circled, and the suggested path to pull the mobs away from Miriam is indicated with the arrows

Miriam will drop the Lucidity sorcery upon death, and then you can continue following the ledge generally east until you can’t follow it any further. At this point, drop down to the north onto the ledge below, then drop onto any of the beams that run underneath the ledge. Find a beam that runs underneath the beam you’re on, and then walk across them to the two corpses that hold x8 Glinstone Firefly and x2 Holyproof Dried Liver. Finally, follow the beams until you can drop down onto the elevator, then take it “down” to the top of the tower. Once the elevator stops, go east and open the doors to head outside onto the bridge.

Make sure you grab the Liurnia Tower Bridge site of grace on your left as you exit the study hall, then mount Torrent and ride east. A Godskin Noble will appear in the middle of the bridge — you can choose to ride past him, but he drops his armor set on death, so if you’re into looking disgusting you may want to slay him. (He only drops rune v2 elden ring currency4810, so it’s not worth killing him just for the runes.)

If you choose to fight him, stay on Torrent and fight him the way you fight most open-world bosses: ride close enough to trigger an attack, ride out of range, then ride back in and get a few hits in as his attack finishes. If you want to be greedy, you can instead ride towards him, tap sprint as you close the distance, and attack as you ride past (and then circle back after his attack finishes for another attack of your own). The only issue with this is that he has a few fast attacks that can hit you as you ride by — that’s why the safer strategy is to trigger an attack and avoid it before counterattacking.

noble outdoor gif elden ring

Stay near one of the platforms throughout this fight — when he does his rolling attack (telegraphed by him puffing up and turning sideways), put the wall of the platform between him and you so he rolls into the wall.

noble roll gif elden ring
You might be able to damage him through the wall while he rolls into it, but yoiu also may take damage while trying

Once you’ve killed (or ridden past) the Godskin Noble, you can go all the way east across the bridge, open the door, and ride the elevator up the tower. Grab the site of grace once you get off the elevator, and then make your way up the many flights of stairs to the top of the tower, where you’ll find what is presumably Ranni’s real body. Take the Cursemark of Death and the Stargazer Heirloom from her corpse. At this point, you can continue Ranni’s quest by teleporting to Ranni’s Rise (or whatever your closest site of grace is to the Three Sisters in Liurnia), and then going into the newly-opened Renna’s Rise and taking the waygate there. However, this walkthrough will now cover clearing the uninverted version of the Carian Study Hall.

Teleport back to the Study Hall Entrance site of grace, and interact with the pedestal again to reset the study hall to its original orientation. Then go east up either set of stairs and ride the ladder up. While you ride the elevator, it’s a good idea to equip the Carian Knight Shield if you haven’t yet.

Once the elevator stops, head through the doorway and turn right, then continue to the southwest to find a corpse with a Golden Rune [3] on it. You can ignore the hands that lurk on the ceiling, since they won’t drop down. However, two spectral nobles will spawn next to you when you loot the corpse, so be ready for them. Now head back the way you came and then go up the stairs to the east. Once you get partway up the stairs, start running, and run to the top, then turn right and wait just around the corner from the stairs. Miriam can’t hit you here, and the two nobles that appear will slowly make their way to you:

miriam 1 carian study hall elden ring
I’m actually standing too close to the railing here — be mindful of her ability to hit you through walls/floors/railings if you’re too close to them

Kill the two spectral foes while staying in cover — try to stand a little ways away from the railing so Miriam’s splash damage doesn’t hit you through the rail. Once the first two spectral nobles are down, turn around and go west across the bridge. Numerous spectral foes will spawn, but they are vulnerable as they appear, so take them down on spawn. Continue all the way across the bridge, killing as you go, and then turn left and head up the stairs. Same deal up here — enemies will spawn, and you’ll kill them. When you get to the far side of this upper platform, two enemies will spawn behind you, so be prepared.

What we’ve done is clear all the adds that Miriam would have hid behind if we fought her on the stairs — if you die fighting her, your best bet is to repeat this whole process again. Sometimes, Miriam won’t behave and will follow you up the stairs, but if you stand as indicated in the image above and wait, she should end up partway down the stairs and stay there until you engage her.

Now run back down to where Miriam is probably still shooting arrows into the handrail of the stairs, and engage her. Ideally, you’ll run diagonally at her and/or roll to avoid her arrows, but the Carian Knight shield will block most of the damage, so you can use that if you aren’t comfortable dodging her bow attack — however, you’ll most likely end up staggered. She will also sometimes cast Magic Downpour, which will float above her head and spray projectiles — back off when she does this and get ready to dodge her arrows. If she charges up her bow while you’re close, run behind her and try to get off a backstab.

After doing a bit of damage to her in her first location, she’ll teleport to the far end of the bridge. Go after her again, and once she’s taken a bit more damage, she’ll teleport to the platform at the top of the stairs. Engage her a third time on the platform, and she’ll disappear when she’s close to death. Grab the Carian Glintstone Staff from the nearby altar, then go through the doorway on the southeastern side of the platform and then up the elevator.

Get off the elevator and head out onto the balcony that rings the room, and go left to close the distance with Miriam yet again. Annoyingly, she will teleport away — this doesn’t stop her from channeling her spells, however, so be careful. Keep making her teleport until you reach a ladder (a few spectral nobles will spawn nearby). Chase her once more until she teleports again (you’ll have to avoid another spectral foe), then go back to the ladder and climb it. You’ll find yourself on some wooden beams — head across them towards Miriam, carefully killing the rat on the beam ahead without falling off. Use your shield or a ranged attack!

miriam 2 carian study hall elden ring

If you’re a ranged character, you can shoot at Miriam from above, otherwise you’ll need to jump down and finish her off. She shouldn’t teleport anymore, but if she does, just go back to the ladder and find her via the beams once more. Miriam will drop her Magic Downpour sorcery when she dies, and you can then circle the balcony to find a Golden Rune [4] on a corpse — naturally, a bunch of mobs will appear when you approach the corpse.

Next, go back up the ladder one last time, and follow the beam you’re on heading east — look right after reaching the third perpendicular beam, and you’ll find a ladder. Climb up and look southwest — a corpse there holds the Cerulean Seed Talisman. Once you grab it, you’re all done here! Of course, there are a few rats between you and it, so approach carefully and used ranged attacks if possible.

Now you can teleport to Ranni’s Rise (or whatever your closest site of grace is to the Three Sisters in Liurnia) and then enter Renna’s Rise, which opened once you picked up the Cursemark. After climbing the ladder, look across the tower to find a chest with Renna’s outfit. At the top of the tower is a waygate that will take you to Ainsel River (Main) — head through to continue Ranni’s quest!

rennas rise location elden ring
Location of Renna’s Rise in northern Liurnia

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2 years ago

Love the guides. Here is another item you can add!
In the tower upright position. There is an archway just above the elevator across from you (looking at the elevator from the entrance) start the elevator and jump off onto this archway. Get a running start and jump into the water. You will die, but you will be awarded with the Lucidity sorcery (alleviates sleep and madness).