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Cursemark of Death

Game: Elden Ring

Cursemark carved into Lunar Princess Ranni’s discarded flesh
Key Items

Maximum Held: 1

Cursemark carved into the discarded flesh of Ranni the Witch. Also known as the half-wheel wound of the centipede. This cursemark was carved at the moment of Death of the first demigod, and should have taken the shape of a circle. However, two demigods perished at the same time, breaking the cursemark into two half-wheels. Ranni was the first of the demigods whose flesh perished, while the Prince of Death perished in soul alone.

Can be given to Fia in the Deeproot Depths to advance her questline.

Where to Find the Cursemark of Death

Found at the top of the Divine Tower of Liurnia in Liurnia of the Lakes — see walkthrough for details on reaching this location.

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