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Fia, Deathbead Companion

Game: Elden Ring

This NPC can be met early on in Roundtable Hold, and gives out unlimited Baldachin’s Blessings until you begin her quest. Following her quest unlocks one of the game’s alternative endings. 

Fia is first found in the Roundtable Hold — allowing her to hold you will put a Baldachin’s Blessing in your inventory (note that while it’s in your inventory, it reduces your HP by 5%).

How to Complete Fia’s Questline (Age of Duskborn Ending)

You can skip steps 1-4 by setting the Erdtree on fire in the Mountaintops of the Giants. Note that defeating Maliketh will prevent you from starting Fia’s questline.

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Once you’ve activated any site of grace on the Altus Plateau, go see Fia in the Roundtable Hold, and let her hold you. You should get a menu with some dialog options, including “May I ask a favor?”. Select this, and she’ll give you the Weathered Dagger, and ask you to return it to its rightful owner.

Speak with D, who should be sitting at the round table in the main room of Roundtable Hold. Speak with him, and you’ll see an option to give him the dagger — do so.

d in roundtable elden ring

This step is optional, and only provides dialogue/lore

You can now speak with Rogier (who’s on the balcony in Roundtable Hold), and he’ll speak to you about the Black Knives. Then speak with Fia, and she’ll give you a map — the Knifeprint Clue — that directs you to the Black Knife Catacombs in Liurnia of the Lakes.

After acquiring the Black Knifeprint, you can bring it back to Rogier, and he’ll direct you to Ranni — this interaction with Rogier serves as both a lore dump and as a hint that you can go speak with Ranni to start a quest.

location of black knife catacombs for rosus axe elden ring
The dungeon with the Black Knifeprint is found in eastern Liurnia, and can be reached by following the path that runs north, east of the Minor Erdtree

Make sure you’ve reloaded the area, and then go to where the Blacksmith and Roderika are in Roundtable Hold, and continue past them down the hallway into a newly-opened room. Here you’ll find FIa standing over D’s body — exhaust her dialog and she’ll disappear; make sure you pick up the Twinned Armor Set from D’s corpse.

finding fia in roundtable hold elden ring 3
Once she’s killed D, Fia and D’s armor can be found in the room down the hall from the blacksmith

At the end of the Deeproot Depths you’ll be able to face Fia’s Champions. Once you defeat them, you’ll unlock the nearby site of grace, and Fia will be sitting against the huge dead Godwyn(?) fish-thing on the far northern side of the arena.

Speak with Fia and let her hug you, and she’ll ask you to acquire the Cursemark of Death; you’ll need to do a significant portion of Ranni’s quest in order to acquire this item.

fias location deeproot depths elden ring

Once you have the Cursemark of Death, speak with Fia and let her hold you again, and she’ll give you a Radiant Baldachin’s Blessing. Exhaust her dialog, then rest at the site of grace. Speak with her again, and keep talking to her until you’ve exhausted her dialog. Reload the area again by resting at the site of grace, and let her hold you again/speak in secret — keep doing this until you find her asleep.

fias location deeproot depths elden ring

Once Fia is asleep, you can interact with her and select “Enter the Deathbed Dream” — this will transport you to an alternate version of the area, where you’ll face Lichdragon Fortissax. If you die fighting the dragon, simply return to slumbering Fia and re-enter the Deathbed Dream to fight the dragon again.

fias location deeproot depths elden ring

Once you defeat Fortissax, you’ll be returned to the “real” Deeproot Depths, where you’ll find the Mending Rune of the Death-Prince on Fia’s corpse.

With this rune, you can access the Age of Duskborn Ending — the rest of the steps are optional, but will net you Fia’s Set as well as the Inseparable Sword.

fias location deeproot depths elden ring

D’s brother is sitting on the balcony just outside the Valiant Gargoyle Duo boss arena in the Siofra Aqueduct. Give him the Twinned Armor set.

Teleport back to the Prince of Death’s Throne site of grace in Deeproot Depths, and return to Fia’s location, where you’ll find D’s brother talking a lot of smack to Fia’s corpse. On her corpse you’ll find Fia’s Set — rest at the site of grace and D’s brother will be gone, and you can pick up the Twinned Armor Set as well as the Inseparable Sword.

fias location deeproot depths elden ring
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