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Game: Elden Ring

This NPC allows you to upgrade your Spirit Ashes (once you’ve done the first part of her quest).

In addition to being the only way to upgrade Spirit Ashes, following Roderika’s questline will net you a Golden Seed, some dialog about the Dung Eater, and the Crimson Hood

Roderika Quest Walkthrough (Spirit Tuning)

Note: This walkthrough is not the only way to do Roderika’s quest, as this quest has many possible iterations at the start. Let us know if you discover any other interactions or possibilities!

You can first find Roderika in the Stormhill Shack in Limgrave. Exhaust her dialog to receive the Spirit Jellyfish Ashes and the Sitting Sideways gesture. 

This step seems to be optional – she will move to Roundtable Hold once you rest at a site of grace in Liurnia, and you can speak to Smithing Master Hewg and choose the “About Roderika” dialog option to continue her quest. You’ll then be able to choose the “Please” dialog option with Roderika to receive the Spirit Jellyfish Ashes.

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Find the Chrysalids’ Memento in Stormveil Castle, and then bring it to Roderika (either in the Stormhill Shack or in the Roundtable Hold). She will give you a Golden Seed as a reward (if she does not give you the Golden Seed, check Stormhill Shack where she was sitting). 

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The Chrysalids’ Momento is on the corpse pile beneath the hanging troll in Stormveil Castle

Once Roderika is at the Roundtable Hold (she seems to move there once you’ve rested at site of grace in Liurnia), speak with Smith Master Hewg and choose the dialog option about Roderika. Then go to Roderika and speak to her about Master Hewg, and then go back to Hewg and speak with him once more about Roderika. The next time you rest or otherwise reset the area, Roderika will have moved from beside the fireplace to the room Hewg is in. 

After upgrading a Spirit Ash to +4, Roderika will tell you that she is no longer an apprentice and give you the Curtsy gesture. At this point, you can return to Stormveil Castle and find the Crimson Hood on the same corpse pile you originally found the Chrysalids’ Momento on. 

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