Shadow of the Erdtree Trailer Prediction Bingo

Finally, after what feels like forever (after all, it has been 2 years), Elden Ring is finally going to release a trailer for its long awaited “Shadow of the Erdtree” DLC. The DLC was announced in a single tweet on Twitter (now X) nearly a year ago on February 28 of 2023, but there has been no information on it sense.

Which has left us with a lot of time to wait.

Now, with the trailer reveal less than a day away, it’s time to turn that impatience towards something useful: we went trough all of the trailers for FromSoft’s “SoulsBorne” catalogue, including DLC, to try to distill what traits are common in order to make it a bingo card to use as a — you guessed it — drinking game (you’ll need it to steel yourself for the final boss).

Without further ado, here is our bingo card, to fill out as the trailer for Shadow of the Erdtree is revealed tomorrow. We feel pretty confident.

elden ring shadow of the erdtree bingo

Some of these might be obvious, and some of them might surprise you, but rest assured that these are all “safe bets” for appearing in any given trailer for a FromSoft game.

So buckle in, and let’s see how we did. Taking a shot each time one of these shows up, though, might lead to alcohol poisoning. Or, maybe you’ve gotta a better guess; we’d love to hear what’s on your bingo card for the trailer.

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