How to Beat Fia’s Champions – Elden Ring Boss Guide

This fight is reminiscent of the Great Jar Summons — Fia’s champions include AI using the builds of real players, along with some familiar NPCs. This fight can be challenging, but we’ve got general tips for you, a strategy that makes it much easier, plus a trick to make Fia’s champions a lot weaker!

  • Putting the Carian Retaliation ash of war on a shield allows you to parry spells, which is quite useful against Rogier in Wave 2 and caster NPCs. The sorcery version can also be effective.
  • Using the Marionette Soldier Ashes causes the NPCs in this boss fight to roll constantly, making it very hard for them to attack.
  • The Gravity Stone Fan is an effective tool to use against the third wave, since it can hit all three enemies if you run in a circle until they’re all close together.
  • Equipping a shield with good Magic resistance allows you to block Rogier’s melee attacks — doing so will momentarily stagger him, and you can counterattack. (It’s also useful to block his spells if you aren’t confident in your ability to dodge them).
  • Carian Slicer is a very effective option for mages, since it will stunlock all of the enemies in this boss fight, and won’t be dodged like ranged spells.

One of the things that makes this fight difficult is that many players minmax their builds — if you aren’t doing the same, you may find the NPCs in this boss fight overpowered. Fortunately, you can stop the game from using actual players’ builds by simply playing offline. While in game (not on the title menu), go to the Network tab of the settings menu, set the “Launch Setting” to “Play Offline”, then quit to the title menu.

If you’ve done this correctly, you should see “OFFLINE” in the bottom right of the title menu. You can now hit “Continue”, and when you enter this boss fight, you should find that the NPC invaders are much weaker and have more basic and limited setups.

For the first two waves, you should conserve resources as much as possible — depending on the summon you use, you can choose to save it for the third wave, but most can survive the first two waves if you’re aggressive enough. Below, general tactics and tips for all three waves are listed — the subsequent sections cover a couple of ways to handle the third wave of this boss fight.

Melee characters can employ hit-and-run tactics with jumping heavy attacks for the first wave.

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For ranged characters, if you’re playing offline, the NPC in this wave will often block instead of dodge-rolling spells, so you can run away and cast spells. If you’re playing online and find that the NPC in this wave is consistently dodging your spells, you have two choices:

  • Equip a shield, block until the enemy stops attacking, and then counter by spamming Carian Slicer — this won’t work as well if you’re online and the enemy is using a large enough weapon and/or blocking their attacks doesn’t momentarily stagger them. Ideally, dodge instead of blocking.
  • Sprint into range of the NPC to bait an attack, run out of range, and cast a quick spell like Glintstone Pebble while the NPC’s attack finishes.

This can actually be a fairly challenging wave, depending on your build and RNG. When Rogier summons the glowing blue orb that showers down magic projectiles, just run out of range. The rest of his projectiles can be avoided by simply moving in a circle around him. The Carian Knight’s Shield can be helpful if you struggle to dodge Rogier’s spells, but you’ll take chip damage — this is only a good strategy if you have 40+ vigor (which you should!).

Hold block while circling Rogier and move into melee range — once one of his melee attacks bounces off your shield, you can counterattack with your own melee weapon or Carian Slicer. You can also use ranged spells, but he’ll often dodge them, so it’s best to wait until he’s casting a spell of his own before casting a ranged spell at him.

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If you struggle with this phase of the fight, go ahead and summon the Marionette Soldiers after you defeat the NPC in the first wave. Just make sure that you’re aggressive and stay on top of Rogier — if he manages to kill or even damage your spirit summons, it can make the final wave a lot harder.

You’ll want to summon your Marionette Soldiers as soon as you defeat Rogier, so they’re ready for this phase of the fight. You can also use the Gravity Fan Chunks in this phase — see below for details on both of these tactics. The NPCs will be rolling around a lot, so it can be hard to hit them. Don’t stress about finishing them off quickly — just keep them occupied and away from your summons.

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Do your best to keep your summons alive, and don’t be surprised if you struggle to hit your rolling foes

Lionel will almost always be the tankiest foe in this wave, so leave him for last. That being said, he has a projectile that tracks you, so you’ll need to keep an eye on him and roll into the floating skulls when they’re about to hit you. He also has a fairly brutal combo where he spams light attacks, so don’t let your guard down when near him.

If you’ve been using our guides, you’ll have already picked up the Marionette Soldier Ashes in the Academy of Raya Lucaria. If you haven’t, they’re a 30 second run from the Church of the Cuckoo site of grace, so go get ’em!

These guys are a pain in the butt when they’re aiming at you, and they prove equally effective against the Tarnished champions of Fia. By summoning the Marionette Soldiers, you’ll force all of the NPCs in this boss fight to roll constantly, significantly lowering their DPS, and making it easy for you to attack them or drink from your flask.

Summon the soldiers on the far side of the arena from where Fia’s Champions spawn, immediately after killing Rogier (your foes spawn on the side of the arena with the waygate). Immediately engage them when they show up — you don’t want them to get close to your summons. Keep an eye on the marionette soldiers, and if any of Fia’s Champions get close to them, make sure you fall back to defend them.

If you’ve fought either of the Fallingstar Beasts, you should have a good number of Gravity Stone Fans in your inventory. These are very effective in this fight, since they are hard to avoid and can hit all three NPC summons in the third wave at once. Try to run in a circle around the arena until all of the NPCs are close together before using to ensure you get maximum value from each fan.

gravity fan chunk gif elden ring

While you can use this strategy after summoning the Marionette Soldiers, the NPCs will be rolling a lot and may dodge these attacks. Instead, it’s best to summon your tankiest or highest DPS summon when using the Gravity Fan Chunks.

There are almost certainly more solid strategies for defeating this boss — let us know in the comments if you found another easy way to defeat Fia’s Champions!

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