Minor Erdtree Catacombs Dungeon Walkthrough – Elden Ring

Found in the west of Caelid, the Minor Edrtree Catacombs is a somewhat winding dungeon to explore with some Scarlet Rot added in for good measure.

Unique Rewards:

From the Rotview Balcony site of grace you should see the Minor Erdtree about North East of your current location. Give Torrent a hardy whistle and make your way toward it. You should eventually come to a Guide Statue placed right above the edge of a cliff. Activate it and the light will give you a general idea of where the dungeon should be. Now, off to the left of the statue will be a raised area with a gnarly looking tree. That’s where we want to go. BE WARNED: There will be a handful of Tree Guardians that will pop up from the ground. Dispatch them quickly and make your way (carefully) down the roots below you.

You’ll see below you an Edtree Avatar. You can either defeat it or run passed it. The dungeon entrance we’re looking for is just behind the Minor Erdtree.

Once inside you’ll want to touch the site of grace before continuing on your way. You’ll see ahead of you a flight of stairs. Just beyond that is an Imp dangling from the ceiling doing its best impression of a bat. Either take him out long range or bait him into falling. Further down the hall you’ll see a lift, which will take us to the second level of the dungeon. Here you’re faced with three routes. The hall in front of you, the one behind you, and a secret area below the lift you just took! First we’ll see what the path ahead of us has to offer.

hanging imp caelid minor erdtree catacombs elden ring

Down the flight of stairs you’ll see another Imp. Take him out however you like – but be careful. These little guys can dish out a decent bit of damage with their fast movements and long combos. Around the corner and in the next room you’ll more than likely be assaulted by yet another Imp throwing knives at you. This is a bait. To the left of the room, tucked in the corner, is another Imp waiting for a surprise attack! Once those two are dealt with cross the room and continue forward.

You’ll see another room and, low and behold, there’s a lever! You’ll need that to open the boss room doors. However, just to the right inside of the room is another Imp. Dodge the incoming surprise attack and take him out! You aren’t done yet though. On the ceiling in the middle of the room is another Imp hanging around. Look up and target lock it. Take it out whichever way you prefer, and then pull that lever!

Next we’ll head back to the room with the lift and check out the second hallway. Following that will lead you to a room filled to the brim with Scarlet Rot. There’s even an item placed smack in the middle, almost begging you to pick it up. This is a trap. Once you enter the room, Skeletal Slimes will drop from the ceiling and slowly surround you. Not only that, but you’ll have an Imp on the ledges above throwing exploding pots at you! There IS an item up there, but we’ll grab that in a second. For now, grab the Aeonian Butterfly in the center of the room and head back to the room with the lift.

below marked 1

Activate the lift (without being on it) and watch it rise to the heavens. Drop down below and quickly take out the Imp there. Proceed down the hall and, low and behold, more Scarlet Rot! The enemies in this room are more Skeletal Slimes. Either ignore them or take them out. Being careful of the Scarlet Rot, continue forward and grab the Grave Violet on the left side of the room beside some pots.

Around the corner leads to the now open boss room doors, but we aren’t done exploring yet. Head back to the room with all that Scarlet Rot and proceed to the middle of the room. On your left will be a small alcove that will lead up to another room. Inside will be some baby crabs. Do as you will with them, but not before heading toward the mummified body at the back of the room with a Golden Rune [4]. Three more baby crabs will pop up from the ground. Sadly, these little guys are hostile. In the same room you’ll find a ladder leading into another room.

Once inside you’ll notice a stationary Imp just ahead of you. Another bait. There’s a stationary Imp to the left of you. Take that one out before it has the chance for a surprise attack. Proceed down the hall and, who guessed it, another Imp. It’ll drop from the ceiling and charge at you. Beyond that is another room with the Imp Head (Wolf) armor piece! Now you can finally cosplay as one of the little guys (we all know you secretly want to). Down the hall you’ll be back in that room with all the Scarlet Rot and Skeletal Slimes, albeit higher up. There’s an Imp on the left side that will throw exploding pots at you. Dispatch it quickly, grab the Sacramental Bud from the corpse hanging from the ledge, and proceed back to the room with the lift.

Now that the dungeon has been fully explored, it’s time for the boss!

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1 year ago

Dirk”¦You the man. Your guides make it easy. Very well written and compared to other guides, you actually point things out that most don’t. For that, I must thank you!! Keep playing and keep writing these guides!