Tombsward Cave – Elden Ring Walkthrough

In this short dungeon located in the Weeping Peninsula, you will encounter rats, floral and humanoid enemies, as well as an abundance of poison.

Unique Rewards:

One thing you may want to do before venturing here is purchasing a torch or a lantern, as it will make it a bit easier to navigate this dungeon. While the beginning is straightforward, you can still end up disoriented when navigating through some pitch black areas. Additionally, craft some Neutralizing Boluses ahead of time, as that will render this dungeon much less stressful. Now that you’re ready to go, follow the tunnels until you reach a room filled with poison.

While the enemies here are weak, the main danger will be the poison status effect. Staying too long in the poison water will quickly end up poisoning you, and the enemies will also throw poisoning projectiles your way. Additionally, dodge rolling through the poison water is ill-advised, as it will ensure that the poison build-up continues even where you’re out of the water.

In this first room, while there isn’t much in the way of loot except for a Golden Rune [2] and a Furlcalling Finger Remedy, you will reach the first forking path.

tombsward cave forking path 1 elden ring

Going straight will lead you to the boss room, while going right will allow you grab some items, before reaching the boss room through a slightly more dangerous path. With that in mind, you can choose to go straight for the boss, but we’ll be heading right first, to make sure that we grab everything that isn’t nailed down.

There, while running through nature’s sewers, you will find another forking path.

tombsward cave forking path 2 elden ring

Since going left will lead you towards the boss room, we’ll be continuing straight for now, as that’s where a couple rats are guarding Nomadic Warrior’s Cookbook [8] as well as some Immunizing White Cured Meat. Once the rats are no more and the loot is yours, backtrack to the path that we skipped and enter this next tunnel. Here, while you’re just trying to get out of the poison, you will notice a sneaky rat to your right that will follow you in the tunnels if not taken care of.

tombsward cave rat turn elden ring

Once the rat attack is prevented, continue exploring the tunnels and you will reach the last room of the dungeon. Here, you will be able to grab an Arteria Leaf on the ledge while carefully avoiding the angry flowers nearby, and once you jump down you’ll be able to grab the last piece of loot: 6x Poisonbone Dart.

All that’s left now is proceed to the boss room, and defeat Miranda the Blighted Bloom.

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