Morne Tunnel – Elden Ring Walkthrough

This dungeon in the Weeping Peninsula is a mine, which means that you will find plenty of upgrade materials, as well as some miner enemies that are weak to strike damage.

Unique Rewards:

While descending deeper into the dungeon by using the elevator at the start, face the south side to jump off to a platform with a Smithing Stone [1]. From there, you will be able to safely descend to the lower level by jumping to a series of platforms around the elevator shaft.

By continuing further through the tunnels, you will find yourself in a room with a couple enemies and a forking path.

morne tunnel fork path elden ring

Go left (A) and jump over to the ladder to grab another Smithing Stone [1], before jumping over to the other side and continuing towards the main path (B). Right next to the door, you will find a sleeping enemy. Prank them by drastically shortening their lifespan, and continue exploring the tunnels.

By going through the (B) door, you will reach another room that leads to two more tunnels. We’ll first head to the optional area which you can find by following the wooden platform’s stairs. Before continuing, take notice of the three enemies that are on your path. Your best bet is either to pull them back and deal with them on your own terms, or quickly take out one or two of them which will even the odds.

morne tunnel wooden path elden ring

The room that you’re heading to is a dead-end, but you can grab some Exalted Flesh and Large Glintstone Scrap which you never have too much of. Now head back to the previous area and enter the tunnels located under the wooden structure.

morne tunnel wooden under path elden ring

On your way through the tunnels you will find an enemy presenting his backside, and you will eventually reach another open area. Here you will find several humanoid enemies, as well as a few busy miners. As usual, you can either choose the surprise-attack approach or to simply draw them backwards to not end up overwhelmed. Some of these enemies are able to fly while using ranged attacks however, so it’s recommended to draw them backwards instead. If you’re having trouble with the ranged enemies, wait for them to attack you, which will result in them being slightly lower to the ground and that’s low enough for you to retaliate.

Loot everything in your surroundings before continuing deeper, which is where you will find this dungeon’s boss: Scaly Misbegotten.

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