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From the very first site of grace, enter the Caria Manor dungeon and turn right. There, you will have your first encounter with this section’s enemies: hands. If you try to pick up the 3x Rimed Crystal Bud on the nearby corpse, an odd-looking foe will jump down to try and ambush you.

Not only are these enemies able to quickly close the distance, they also have quick attacks and a paralyzing spell. If you manage to circle around their backs, you can easily stagger them by using two handed attacks, or alternatively, these enemies are weak to fire and will be incapacitated by it for a couple seconds. This is a good time to use some Fire Grease, which will make the lower level of Caria Manor much easier than.

Once this first enemy is defeated, you can continue going right until you reach a room with an enemy defending Glintstone Craftsman’s Cookbook [6].

caria manor right door elden ring

Now leave the room and go up the stairs to your right. There, at the end of the path you will find a dead end with a Somber Smithing Stone [3] nearby, while the way to the left will take you deeper through this dungeon.

caria manor smithing stone dead end elden ring

Grab the Somber Smithing Stone [3] and continue down the other path, which leads to a ledge. From there, you’ll be able to use ranged attack to deal with the enemies below before jumping down. North of where these enemies were, you can find a loot beetle dropping the Carian Piercer sorcery. While chasing the loot beetle, you will encounter your first burrowed enemy, and you will have to keep this kind of trap in mind going forward. Once you’ve caught the beetle, turn around to grab the Ice Crest Shield on the nearby corpse.

As for the rest of this section, there are only a couple things left to grab. If you go west from the entrance, you can find a Miquella’s Lily, while straight ahead from the entrance you can find a fountain with 3x Smithing Stone [2].

The rest of the loot that you can acquire here will be crafting materials that aren’t particularly rare, as well as a Golden Rune [4], which may be more trouble than it’s worth with the amount of enemies trying to ambush you. We recommend grabbing the unique and rare loot and just moving on to the next site of grace, which will put these dreadful enemies behind you. From the dungeon’s entrance, you can just follow the western wall until you find a door that leads to the next section of Caria Manor, and a new site of grace. On your way there, you will encounter several hand enemies as well as a few hands that lay underground to ambush you, but if you watch your step you can simply run to the next site of grace.

Once you reach the site of grace, turn around and grab the Smithing Stone [4] in the back of the room before proceeding further in.

caria manor smithing stone 4 elden ring

Here you have two options: continuing straight on top of the ramparts is the path to go deeper into the dungeon, while taking the left turn will lead to a Rune Arc and the Sword of Night and Flame. Assuming you want to grab the legendary sword and the Rune Arc, move forward while defeating the spectral soldiers until you can turn left. While continuing down this path, you will see a (A) rooftop to your left as well as a (B) tower ahead of you.

First, go to the tower and grab the Rune Arc. From here turn around and start heading towards that rooftop you’ll have to jump down to, and you’ll quickly notice that there will now be several enemies appearing on the path you took to get to the tower. You can either choose to deal with them by hiding behind the tower until they get close enough for you to attack them safely, or just ignore them and jump down to the rooftop. From there, find the broken part of the wall where you will see another roof below, with a ladder that leads to a chest containing the Sword of Night and Flame.

caria manor sword of night and flame location 3 elden ring

Once you went down the ladder and grabbed the sword, travel back to the Manor Lower Level site of grace and start exploring the path straight to go deeper in the dungeon.

This time, instead of turning left, follow the path going straight ahead and you will have to defeat more spectral soldiers that will appear in front and behind you at the same time. If you have trouble dealing with them, don’t hesitate to run to a tower and use it as cover against ranged attacks, while dealing with the soldiers trying to fight you in melee. Once they have been dealt with, look for another spot to jump down from southeast, and make sure to sprint before jumping to avoid any accidental deaths.

caria manor jump down whip elden ring

Once you make your way down, grab the nearby 8x Rimed Crystal Bud and pick up the Golden Rune [3] under the northeastern staircase. From there, go southwest instead and you will see a forking path. To the left (A) you will be able to grab the Urumi weapon, and if you go right (B) you will be able to grab a Somber Smithing Stone [3] behind the iron maiden-looking enemy.

caria manor jump down whip 2 elden ring

Unfortunately, there is no easy way up from there, so you will have to travel back to Manor Lower Level site of grace once again. This time, we’re going to the next section, so you can just run straight to the elevator leading to the next site of grace: Manor Upper Level.

caria manor elevator location elden ring

From the Manor Upper Level site of grace, you will find yourself in a small courtyard with several wolves. Since these are no regular wolves, try to sneak up to them and unleash some charged heavy attacks to get an edge. In this courtyard, you can find a Golden Seed by the Illusory Tree, and if you go around the stairs leading further through the dungeon, you can grab a Miquella’s Lily.

caria manor upper miquella location elden ring

Once you go up the stairs, you’ll quickly notice the giant as well as several other enemies guarding the path forward. Luckily, you do not have to head that way if you do not want to, and you can instead turn left in front of the gate to climb a ladder leading to a much safer path where you will find 2x Magic Grease.

caria manor ladder elden ring

However if you do decide to fight the giant and his friends, defeating him will net you the Troll Knight’s Sword, which may be worth prying off of his dead hands. To do so, make sure to deal with the two smaller enemies nearby by grabbing their attention with a ranged weapon and deal with them one by one, before dealing with the giant.

Now climb the first set of stairs leading up and and turn around and face east. By following the ledge to the left of the stairs, you’ll be able to grab a Smithing Stone [4] after jumping down to the platform below. Once you grabbed all of the items around, you can continue climbing the stairs and defeating the enemies guarding the way up, until you reach the doorway to the boss room for Royal Knight Loretta. While there is a hidden path to the left of the entrance to the boss room, defeating it first will allow you to unlock a nearby site of grace, which will make venturing to that optional path much safer.

Now that you have access to the Royal Moongazing Grounds site of grace, you can explore the optional path down, to the right of the boss room. As soon as you exit the room, turn right and head past the foliage to find a concealed door leading to several wooden platforms below.

caria manor optional path door elden ring

Here, there is quite a bit of distance between each platform, so you will have to make sure to sprint to be able to jump far enough to survive. Once you make it down to the small area filled with jar enemies, head southeast first to grab the Cracked Pot, before going west and looting the 8x Crystal Dart. From there, you can continue climbing down to the lower sections until you reach the one with two bigger jar enemies that are guarding a Smithing Stone [3].

caria manor jar people elden ring

Now that you slaughtered all of the jar people in their natural habitat, look for a roof west of there that you can jump down to, which is where you will find the Ash of War: Carian Grandeur, the last piece of loot in the Caria Manor dungeon.

carian grandeur location elden ring

You’re now done with this dungeon and you can proceed to the area next to the Royal Moongazing Grounds site of grace: the Three Sisters. If you’re looking for a walkthrough of the Three Sisters area, we cover it in the Western Liurnia part of our Liurnia of the Lakes walkthrough.

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1 year ago

Thanks for the guide. You missed the Ice Crest Shield, behind a rock just before the Carian Piercer beetle.

1 year ago

sorry but your entire description of how you go to next bonfire is completely misleading. there are countless enemies in between you forget to mention. you have to be more detailed on explaining those routes. that red arrow between two bonfires is totally wrong

Last edited 1 year ago by martin
Reply to  martin
1 year ago

also please stop saying tower. there are tens in any area, be more specific. it may sound easy to you but your vague descriptions dont help as much as you think

1 year ago

once you defeat the boss and have opened up the three sisters area you can drop down from the cliff to the roof of the building where the grace is named “manor lower level”. there’s a ladder leading down into the building and you can get the item “spellproof dried liver”.

it was driving me mad because i could see it from the site of grace.

and thanks for the guide!

Reply to  tristen
1 year ago

oh and also there’s and a shop!

Reply to  tristen
1 year ago

but wait there’s more 🙂

climb back up the ladder and find an “old fang” up on the tiled roof.

then you can drop down onto the ramparts and further down onto some wooden platforms for a “slumbering egg”.

then keep going the only way you can and fight a crab on the roof lol for a “stonesword key”.

1 year ago

Another thing you might want to change. If you grab the upper manor grace before you go down where you fight the Iron Maiden you can just TP up there with no run back.

1 year ago

A point of interest, if you want to level up a unique weapon as soon as possible; killing the hands drops somber smithing stones (2). So it might be worth it.

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