Lakeside Crystal Cave Dungeon Walkthrough – Elden Ring

This easy-to-miss dungeon is found on the western edge cliffs of Liurnia of the Lakes. As with many dungeons, it can be pretty dark at the start, so consider bringing a Lantern or other light source. This dungeon is notable for the renowned Spirit Ashes you can acquire after defeating the boss.

Unique Rewards:

It’s unlikely you could miss it, but first things first, open the chest that sits right next to the site of grace and grab the Arteria Leaf within. Then, from the site of grace, head west along the narrow path, and once you’re on the path itself, target lock while looking at the bushes to see the enemy hiding there. Take him out first, and then kite backwards as the rest of the demi-humans aggro. Ideally, bring them all the way back to the site of grace so you don’t have to fight on the narrow path (and risk falling). Once they’re down, go back along the path west and jump up on the rocks on the left side to reach the x3 Hefty Beast Bone.

Look north over the edge of the high ground and you’ll be able to lock on and see another enemy down there. Drop down towards it — when close enough, do a leaping attack and then prepare for a larger enemy to come out of the nearby tunnel to the west. He will run at you, but keep rolling backwards (making sure to roll towards the rocks and not the pit) and his slow attack should miss, giving you plenty of time to hit him with a charged or jumping attack. Head into the tunnel he came out of, and follow it until you reach a larger chamber.

Lock onto the bushes on your left to find the enemy hiding there, and make it dead.

first hiding enemy cave liurnia elden ring

Then, watch the larger demi-human patrolling so that you understand its simple back and forth route. Once you’re ready, sneak across the room to the chest while its back is to the western half of the room — don’t forget you can hold sprint to sneak faster. Once you’re at the chest, it seems unable to notice you, so open it up and grab the Spear Talisman. Wait for him to be facing east, then sneak back the way you came and go back through the tunnel.

Head back towards the site of grace while looking down to your left — you should see a spot of grey rock that you can drop down to.

drop down lakeside crystal cave liurnia elden ring
All the messages showing the spots to drop almost make up for all the “Hidden path ahead” liesalmost

Next, drop down to the west, and once more to the east — hug the cliff face and move south as you drop here to avoid taking fall damage. Head east to find the next dropdown, then take the passage to the east and you’ll find yourself in a room with three crystal snails. They have a projectile spit attack as well as an attack that coats the floor in crystals, so run diagonally or roll towards/past them to take them out. Grab the x5 Throwing Dagger on the corpse, then enter the tunnel on the northern side of the room to continue.

The tunnel will bend — around the curve, you’ll see a big pack of crystal snails guarding a corpse who holds a Golden Rune [5]. If you don’t have any powerful AOE spells or attacks that can 1-shot the snails here, you’re better off sneaking past. Continue south through the next tunnel to find yet another area where you need to drop. Walk up the southern edge of the cliff (left-hand side when you exit the tunnel) and look down to find the safe area to land.

drop down 2 lakeside crystal cave liurnia elden ring
Once again there will likely be plenty of messages showing you the safe way down

Once you land, grab the x2 Soft Cotton from the corpse hanging off the ledge, then hop down to the three corpses below, and grab their possessions — a Smithing Stone [4], Smithing Stone [2], and a Lump of Flesh. Now head west, where you’ll find another trio of snails — lock on into the darkness to find them, but watch out for the one somewhat out of sight on the right.

All that’s left now is to continue south and face the boss. If you’re low on flasks, it’s not a bad idea to teleport back to the site of grace and then return — you can safely run past the enemies and into the boss arena.

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