Tombsward Catacombs – Elden Ring Walkthrough

Short dungeon in the Weeping Peninsula, full of skeletons that are weak to holy damage.

Unique Rewards:

Make sure to grab the site of grace before heading down the stairs, which is where you will find the main path going left, as well as a barrier blocking the entrance to a room in front of you. That room can be accessed by using 1x Stonesword Key, and contains the Nomadic Warrior’s Cookbook [9].

Continue down the main path and you will reach the usual locked boss gate, and another doorway to the right. Go through the room and dispose of the skeletons defending it. One thing to keep in mind is that skeletal enemies will not die straight away when defeated. You will need to hit them one more time once they’re trying to resurrect, to permanently kill them.

tombsward catacombs skeleton rising elden ring
Smack that.

When leaving this room, a skeleton will rise behind you, and you will reach another area with several skeletons barring your way. As soon as you enter, go right to kill the skeleton that will try to ambush you, and then deal with the two archers that will now also be awake. Continue moving through the dungeon until you reach a hallway with a pillar spewing flames that are blocking your path. Wait for the flames to stop before running to the small hiding spot to the right, as you can’t run all the way through without turning crispy.

weeping peninsula tombsward catacombs fire hiding spot elden ring

Once the flames subside once again, run to the room and immediately go right to avoid getting hit by the flames coming out of the pillar’s left side. Attacking the pillar will make it disappear for a short while, which will allow you to enter the next room in these hallways, and grab the Prattling Pate “Thank you” item. Once you grab the item, 4 skeletons will rise up in protest, and you will have to put them back in their place. Either run out of the room to not be surrounded, or if the flames are active again, wait for a safe time to go back to the pillar room, and let the fires take care of the rest.

Back in the room with the pillar spewing flames, hit it again to make it go down, and use it as an elevator by jumping on top of it, which will bring you to a higher level. Continue following a couple hallways, defeating a few skeletons, and exploring a few rooms until you reach a lever next to a statue. Interact with the lever, and run back to the site of grace at the entrance to replenish your flasks, as you just unlocked the gate leading to this dungeon’s boss: Cemetery Shade.

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