Fort Gael Dungeon Walkthrough – Elden Ring

A shorter than usual dungeon, with a grand total of 5 enemies, but also some useful loot and a shortcut to this area’s main dungeon.

Unique Rewards:

Once you make it all the way up the ladder, you’ll finally be inside Fort Gael. There, go across the wooden beam towards the soldier and backstab him before grabbing the 2x Warming Stone on another, smaller wooden beam in front of where he was. Then, go up the stairs and jump over to the scaffolding across, as it will allow you to grab the 10x Mushrooms on a corpse on the scaffolding on the outside of the fort, and use a lever to open the fort’s main gate.

Once you’ve opened the main gate, run back and drop down to a lower section of the fort.

fort gael drow down 2 elden ring

Enter the small room and grab the Katar from the chest, before turning your attention towards the angry lion-looking enemy in the courtyard. Here you have two options, either you go down and fight the lion head-on, or you stay up and use ranged attacks to get its health down. If you’re able to, we recommend using ranged attacks to kill it from above, or at least lower its health before going down for the killing blow.

If you don’t have access to ranged attacks and have to go down into the lion’s den, there is luckily an easy way to deal with the beast. Since you have opened the main entrance to the fort, we can use that to our advantage. The lion being too big to follow you through that gate, you can stay outside while baiting its attacks until there is an opening to get a hit or two in.

fort gael lion door elden ring

If you’re using ranged attacks, stay close to the ledge to ensure that the lion keeps trying to attack you. If the lion is simply walking around the courtyard while staring at you, it will easily avoid your ranged attacks. So while it’s trying to hit you, you’ll be able to unleash any spells or ranged attacks against it. You will however need to watch out for when it leaps high into the air, as this attack is able to reach you still.

fort gael lion ranged attack elden ring

Defeating this enemy will grant you the Ash of War: Lion’s Claw, and you’ll be able to go down to the courtyard to grab the Rune Arc. From there, go up the ladder found in the courtyard to go back to the fort’s upper level. This time, go up the stairs leading to the very top, and deal with the two soldiers there. You can use a ranged attack on the enemy to the right to grab its attention, which will allow you to avoid dealing with both at the same time. Do the same for the one on the left, as getting too close to the tower in the back of this area will cause a third enemy to come out. This third enemy is tougher than the other two, so make sure to fight him by himself.

Once all of these enemies are dealt with, open the nearby chest to grab the Starscourge Heirloom, before entering the tower nearby and climbing it all the way to the top, which is where you can find a waygate. Interact with the waygate, as it will allow you to go straight to Redmane Castle.

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1 year ago

I happened to get the glitch were the Lion game out while I fell of the entrace terras. Almost impossible to kill on the outside.

1 year ago

For the lion I recommend using the magic glintblade sorcery, you don’t have to have a high intelligence stat for it and the lion jumps when you cast it instead of when it goes towards him, makes this fight easy, in fact I stayed up on the battlements by the lever for the front door and beat him with my melee character