A vast majority of wand handles are like all the other gear in Hogwarts Legacy; players have to find them randomly from chests scattered throughout the game. The Arrow – Brown Wand Handle is one of these handles where you must find it from a random drop.

The best way to find wand handles is to keep an eye on your mini-map while exploring. Cast Revelio whenever a chest is in proximity to make them glow blue through walls. If the chest is hidden, either solve the puzzle or open the locked door with the Alohamora mini-game. As you progress in the game, you will be able to open more doors and chests, giving you more wand handles.

For those players that know exactly what wand handle they want and need it right away, it is possible to farm wand handles. There are some chests in the game that only drop wand handles, and they can be exploited with save files. Basically, you make a save right outside the unopened chest and reload the save after opening it until the wand handle you want is obtained. Try it at any chest you find that drops a wand handle.

There is a chest in Hogwarts Castle that you can access right away to farm wand handles. Follow these instructions to find it:

  1. Fast travel to the Clock Tower Courtyard, Floo Flame.
  2. Immediately turn around and go out the door by the floo flame.
  3. Cross the small bridge heading into the main part of the castle and take a right once inside.
  4. Go down the hall, up a set of stairs, and you will see a frog statue at the base of a circular stair set.
  5. Select the frog statue, and you will be teleported to a room which has a chest inside with a wand handle.
  6. Make a save at the chest before opening it, and reload after opening it until you receive the desired wand handle.
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