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In this Midtown puzzle, you need to get two items for the robot Blazer, one of which is a Worker Jacket. In this guide, we’ll give some hints for acquiring the Worker Jacket, and go over all the steps required to acquire this puzzle item. 

Talk to the store owner, and pay attention to the things he says he doesn’t like. 

Explore the entire store – is there a way you could get the store owner to move so you can steal the jacket?

Someone in Midtown has an item you need for this puzzle, but you’ll have to do something for them first. Again, think about what the store owner says he doesn’t like. 

How to Get the Clothing Store Owner to Move

You’ll need to get a Cassete Tape before you can steal the Worker Jacket. To find the tape, go to the roundabout, and then from there head into the apartment building pictured below (1). In the courtyard of the building are some robots listening to music – one of them has some tapes at his feet (2). Before he’ll give you the tapes, however, he wants you to destroy the three cameras that point down into the courtyard. 

To destroy the cameras, turn left from the robot with the tapes, and head up the nearby stairs to the second floor (1). At the top of the stairs, turn left and head back towards the center of the building (2). Hop up on the guardrail (3), and look down into the courtyard. You should see the first camera (4). Jump down to the sign and then onto the camera, then jump back the way you came – jumping off of the camera will break it. Then head towards the next camera (5) and do the same thing. From the second camera, you can see the path to the third and final one you need to break (6).

With all three cameras broken, you can go back down to the courtyard and pick up a Cassette Tape. Once you have the tape, head to the clothing store (1, 2). Inside, make your way to the back of the store where the changing rooms are, and interact with the stereo there (3). Use the Cassette Tape on the stereo, and the store owner will come back to try and turn off the stereo – while he does so, you can go to the window display at the front of the store and steal the Worker Jacket (4)!

If you need help finding the Worker Hat as well, click here

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