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The Super Spirit Detergent is a necessary item in order to progress through The Slums Part 2. In this guide, we’ll give a couple of hints and a complete explanation for how to get the Super Spirit Detergent. 

The detergent is in the laundromat – you just need to find a way to get it open. 

Talk to the robots around the laundromat for a hint. 

The robot throwing paint is the key to getting the detergent. 

How to Get Into the Laundromat

To get into the laundromat and access the Super Spirit Detergent, you first need to get onto the rooftops of the slums where a robot is throwing paint to another robot. While there are multiple paths up to the rooftops, the easiest one to find is near the Guardian (the robot with the hat and the staff). 

Go up the stairs towards where the Guardian is, and then turn around. From here, you can access a path that leads up to the rooftops.

Once you’re up on the rooftops, turn left and you should see a robot tossing paint to another. It’s easy to jump towards the robot catching the paint, and from there you can use the signs to jump across to the robot doing the paint throwing. Interact with this robot (not a conversation, but the other button) and you’ll be prompted to meow. Do so, and keep meowing until the robot drops a bucket of paint. This will cause the robot in the laundromat to come out and start cleaning the paint, and now you can get inside! Walk past the robot that was throwing the paint and look down into the street – from here, there’s an easy path down to the laundromat.

Go inside and you can grab the Super Spirit Detergent from the table that’s on your left as you enter the building. 

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