how to turn on control room computers featured image stray
Game: Stray
Content Type: Gaming Guides

In order to escape to the Outside, you’ll need to figure out how to turn on the Control Room computers — this guide will show you exactly how to do it!

What do people always take pictures of their cat doing when they’re trying to work on the computer?

This is a fairly simple puzzle, but it isn’t at all obvious how to turn them on. The computers that are “on” have blue screens, while the “off” computers have black screens. To turn a computer on (or off), walk on the keyboard. Once all three banks of computers have every screen lit blue, you’ll have completed the puzzle, and the story will progress!

In the image below, the row of computers the cat is on is completely on, while the circled keyboards still need to be walked on.

turning on control room computers stray

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