Stray Walkthrough (Hints & Puzzle Solutions)

Welcome to EIP’s walkthrough of Stray! This series of guides will take you from the game’s introductory level all the way to its finale. In addition to detailed instructions for how to beat each section of the game, we have also listed the guides for finding all the collectables and achievements.

Select a chapter from the menu below to get started!

Our walkthroughs are written to be player friendly. Let’s say you only want a hint instead of outright solutions to puzzles and problems, then simply click on the drop-down menus labeled “hint”. Don’t worry, every instance also has the solution in case you are stumped.

Below are some common puzzles where players might run into some issues. Just like with our walkthroughs, all these guides are equipped with hints and solutions in case you just need a little clue to figure it out yourself.

Stray features many collectables and achievements; be sure to not miss any.

After the third chapter, players will be able to collect memories. There are 27 of them, and five memories the player will find from just doing the story.

Badges are cosmetic items that will be displayed on your drone vest immediately upon finding them. You can deck your vest out with six of them!

While in the slums, players can collect different sheets of music. There are eight of them, and players will want to remember to turn them into Morusque.

Energy Drinks are requisite items that players need to buy everything in the Slums Marketplace. There are four in total for the player to find.

Players will earn most achievements by simply going through the story, however there are a few that require some exploring and a deft touch.

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