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In this Midtown puzzle, you need to get a couple of items for the robot Blazer, one of which is a Worker Hat. In this guide, we’ll give some hints for getting the Worker Hat, and go over all the steps required to acquire this puzzle item. 

Speak with the worker in front of the hat store (the one waiting by the delivery truck) – if you can help him with his problem, you can get into the store. 

Check the nearby bar to see if you can find the person the worker is waiting for.

Doing cat-like things (knocking things off of shelves, sitting in boxes) is frequently a puzzle-solving strategy in Stray.

How to Get Past Hator & Into the Hat Store

To enter the hat store, you first need to head to the nearby bar (1). Once inside, continue past the bar to the room at the back of the building (2). There, you’ll need to jump up onto the stool, and from the stool to the shelf (3). There is a crate of bottles on the shelf – walk over to it and interact with it twice to knock it off of the shelf and onto the sleeping robot below. 

The robot will wake up, and you can follow it out of the bar and over to the hat shop. Once there, jump into the box sitting on the ground in front of the angry worker (1). The drunken robot will pick up the box you’re in and carry it into the store. Once inside, you can jump out of the box and walk over to the window display (2), where you can steal the Worker Hat you need!

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