Where to Find All the Sheet Music – Stray

Music fans and achievement hunters will both want to make sure they find all eight pieces of sheet music hidden in Stray’s Slums. In this guide, we’ll give detailed instructions on finding all the sheet music in the game!

To get the Meowlody achievement, note that you’ll have to give all 8 sheets of music to Morusque the musician, rather than just collect them.

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This sheet music is found in Momo’s apartment, which is easy to find — it’s the apartment below the huge orange neon sign. Once inside, go into the very small hallway with two doors, and go through the bars on the bottom of the left-hand door. The music sheet is on the shelf!

This piece of music is found near the entrance to Clementine’s apartment. The easiest way to get there is by going to the bar, and then using the nearby stuff to reach the roof. Continue higher until you can see the balcony with the table, chair, and umbrella — the sheet music is up there on the table.

This sheet music is found in Elliot Programming, which is found around the corner from the bar (just use the signs found throughout the slums if you aren’t sure where to go). Scratch on the door and you’ll be let in, and then you can find the sheet music straight across the room from the door.

This sheet music requires you first find an energy drink — the easiest one to reach is the one found in the vending machine across from the musician (who can be found by turning left at the spot you met the Guardian). Then, you can trade an energy drink to the robot in the Market Place for this sheet music — the Market Place is reached by going up the stairs from the musician, then continuing straight and down the next set of stairs (the market will be on the left).

This sheet music is found in the bar, on the second story, on the table of center booth.

This sheet music is found near where you found #2, but inside the nearby apartment. Again you can get up on the roofs by using the objects in front of the bar — continue through the window of the apartment, and then go through the glass doors. Turn right, and the sheet music is on the shelf!

This sheet music is found in Doc’s apartment, naturally enough on the piano in the center of the place. To reach Doc’s apartment, you can use the objects across the street from bar to reach the rooftops, then head across the rooftops to the small hole next to the tiny blue neon sign. Inside, just make your way around the bookcases to find the piano and the sheet music.

This sheet music is found in a safe just beyond and to the left of the musician (who can be found by turning left at the spot you first met the Guardian). The code to the safe is 1283, and you’ll find the final piece of sheet music inside. If you’re curious, the code is found in the bar, behind the picture above the neon Dufer Bar sign.

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