Antvillage Walkthrough (Hints and Solutions) – Stray

After exiting the Sewers and meeting the first robot of Antvillage, you can continue forward across the wooden bridge towards the village. Partway across the bridge, a cutscene will play, and B-12 will recall a major story Memory. After the cutscene finishes, B-12 will be silent for a while — this means you can’t talk to any of the robots, or pick up items, until B-12 is ready to be helpful again.

Head up the nearby ladder and continue forwards past the robots on the bunk bed, then go up the next ladder. Continue forwards and B-12 will speak to you a bit — next, jump up the AC units on the wall to reach the next level of the village.

routing 1 ant village stray v2

Walk forwards just a bit, and a cutscene will play in which you meet the Outsider Zbaltazar you’ve heard so much about. After your conversation with him, you’ll receive Clementine’s Picture, and then you’ll have a conversation with B-12. He points out that you can go and explore Antvillage, or head upwards to continue your adventure to the outside. If you just want to follow the main story, you leave now for Midtown, but in this guide we’re going to explore the rest of the village first.

Jump back down the way you came (via the air conditioning units), and continue down the ladder. On the wall on the right after you come down the ladder, you can find a memory.

ant village memory 1 stray location

After grabbing the Memory, turn around and look at the tree with the purple flowers. Walk over to the trunk and you can hop up onto the tree — head forwards a bit onto the branches, and you’ll be able to have B-12 snag you a Purple Plant. Turn around and jump back down off of the tree, then turn right and walk over to the robots playing chess. Past them is a bucket — hop in and ride it down, then jump out of the bucket and make your way over to the tree with red flowers. Jump up onto one of the objects near the tree and you can grab a Red Plant.

Next, head back the way you came, and use the vertical wooden posts to return to the village. You’ll end up back near the chess-playing robots, and you can turn left and head back up the ladder just ahead. At the top, use the air conditioners to once again head up to where Zbaltazar is, then continue past him and hop across the gap to make your way around the corner. After walking across a plank, you’ll find a bar with a single patron. Keep going past the bar, and then hop down onto the pipe that lets you access and collect the Yellow Plant.

ant village yellow plant stray

Turn around and go back past the bar, then go up the ladder just past the bucket (1), and continue upwards via the path indicated (2).

On the next platform, you’ll find Malo, the robot gardener — speak with them and show them the three plants you collected and you’ll recieve the Plant Badge. Next, continue to the other side of the platform, and follow the arrow pointing up to find a straightforward series of jumps that lead out of the village and to Midtown!

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