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Once you enter the Slums, you’ll first need to make your way down a series of narrow alleys as the robot denizens of this area run and hide from you. Eventually you’ll reach what serves as the central hub of the area, and a cutscene will play. Once it ends, walk up to the robot with the big hat and try to speak with him. Once you finish your conversation, another short cutscene will start, in which the town’s lockdown will end. Now, you’ll be able to explore the area freely.

First, you’ll have to speak with the Guardian — show him the Postcard, and he’ll point you in the direction of Momo, who’s your only real lead for getting out of the city. If you want to do things in the intended order, you can make your way to the building with the orange neon sign, but for convenience’s sake, we’re going to follow a path that gets all of the items we need before we speak with Momo.

To progress to the next part of the story, you need to find 3 notebooks. You can either speak with Momo and learn more about the Outsiders (and then possibly use the hints given below) or just follow the steps in the solutions!

If you just want to take the most efficient path through the level, do the following solutions in the order they are listed.

Look for a neon sign with a symbol of the Outsiders that’s sticking up from a roof, then make your way up to it. Once there, you’ll need to find a way inside, through the roof. Once you make it into the apartment, make a mess and you’ll find what you need.

If you don’t know what the Outsider’s symbol is, go see Momo in the apartment beneath the large orange neon sign.

From the Guardian, look up towards the orange neon sign. Follow the indicated path (1) and make your way around the corner of the building. Another series of jumps will lead you to a roof (2). From there, you’ll need to go past the bucket and jump up a few more times to get to the roof with the Outsiders symbol (3). Once on the roof, unplug the power cube from the ventilation system, and then you’ll be able to jump through the now-immobile fan blades and into the apartment (4).

Once inside, jump on the stack of boxes to the right of the door, and then jump off to knock them over (1). A journal will fall out (2) — pick it up! With the journal securely in your inventory, had to the other end of the apartment and scratch the green window shade (3) until it slides up and reveals a window, which you can use to exit the apartment.

You need to get into the window with the Outsider symbol painted next to it. Once you enter the apartment, the Notebook is easily found by exploring the place.

If you don’t know what the Outsider’s symbol is, go see Momo in the apartment beneath the large orange neon sign.

First, you’ll need to get onto the rooftops near where one robot is throwing paint to another. If you just picked up Zbaltazar’s Notebook, you can exit out the window and then make your way left towards the rooftop there (1) — you’ll find yourself back where you passed the bucket earlier. Jump over to where the robot is catching the paint, and then a series of jumps will take you to the robot doing the throwing (2).

If you didn’t just grab Zbaltazar’s Notebook, you can follow steps 1 and 2 in the first gallery under Solution for finding Zbaltazar’s Notebook to reach the rooftop near the two robots tossing paint.

Next, jump up near the table and chairs. From here, you can see your next destination, which is the window across the rooftops with the Outsiders symbol painted next to it. Hop up onto the higher section of roof (1), then follow the path indicated below to reach the window (2).

Once inside the apartment, the Notebook is easily found all the way in the back, on top of a computer monitor (1). Don’t miss Sheet Music #6 on the shelf next to the bed (2)! Unlike the last apartment, you can leave the same way you came in.

Look for a small neon sign with the Outsiders symbol that’s on the side of a building, and then head through the window next to the neon sign. Inside, you’ll need to find a key and a note — read the note carefully, as it gives you a hint for where to find whatever it is the key opens.

If you don’t know what the Outsider’s symbol is, go see Momo in the apartment beneath the large orange neon sign.

From the window of Clementine’s apartment, you’ll need to head back the way you came, to the central rooftop with a bucket on it. On the way you can grab Sheet Music #2, it’s on the table on the balcony to the left of the pipes you need to traverse to reach the central rooftop).

routing to doctors notebook stray slums

Once you’ve made your way to near the bucket, head to the far corner of the roof (1), and then look towards the blue neon Outsider’s sign — from here you can see the hole you need to go through to enter Doc’s apartment (2).

Once inside, head to the back corner of the apartment, where you’ll find a stack of books blocking the entrance to a small bedroom (1). Jump onto and then past the books and you’ll find a note by some keys on a mattress — Translate the note and you’ll automatically pick up the Keys to Doc’s safe.

The safe is hidden behind some stacks of books in the ‘M’ section of his library, in approximately the middle of the apartment (2). Jump and off the stacks of books until you can access the safe, then interact with it and use the Keys you picked up to open it. Inside, you’ll find Doc’s Notebook! You can also grab Sheet Music #7 from the piano found in the next section of books closer to the entrance, and then you can leave the way you came in.

Once you have all three notebooks, you can head to Momo’s apartment. There are a lot of different paths you can take to reach the rooftops (including the one found in the first gallery under “Solution for Finding Zbaltazar’s Notebook”), so take your pick. Once you’re up on top of the slums, look towards the huge orange neon sign to find the path into Momo’s apartment.

Once you’re in Momo’s apartment, speak with him, and show him the Postcard — he’ll give you his notebook in return. Next, show him all three of his friends’ notebooks, and he’ll agree to help you reach the outside. You’ll receive the Transceiver, and he’ll open a window on the other side of the apartment.

Before you leave, you can do a couple of things here. First, head into the bedroom and look at the poster — this will get you another Memory. You can also head into the dark closet (2) and jump up onto the boxes, and from there onto the shelf, where you’ll find Sheet Music #1.

When you’re ready, you can head over to where Momo is waiting and jump out of the window and onto the porch. Congrats, you’ve made it to the Rooftops!

Don’t worry about the fact that (if you were strictly following the walkthrough) you didn’t explore much of the Slums — we’ll return to the Slums soon, and you’ll get a chance to check out the rest of the area.

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