Sifu Coming to Steam & Xbox in 2023 Alongside New Arenas Mode

Sifu quietly selling 1.5 million copies even while its PC version was an Epic-exclusive was quite the feat — and now the critically acclaimed Kung Fu brawler is coming to Steam (and Xbox) in March 2023. An exact date hasn’t been announced just yet, but we do know that a new Arenas mode will be added when the game becomes available on the two platforms. We thought Sifu was pretty darn good, so we’re excited to see all the Steam Deck and Xbox folks get their chance to crack some skulls.

The new Arenas mode will offer 9 maps to choose from, each with “exclusive new challenges of varying difficulty levels”, according to the press release. Completing each arena will unlock a new batch of modifiers; unlocking all the new modifiers will double the amount currently in the game. In addition to the modifiers, you’ll get new cheats and exclusive new outfits when you beat an arena.

It’s wonderful to see developer Sloclap taking full advantage of Sifu’s success to continue supporting the game (rather than just taking the money and moving on to their next title). Earlier this month, the Fall Update added a replay editor, new outfits, and new cheats and modifiers to the game, but Sloclap isn’t done adding content to Sifu just yet.

Sifu will launch on Steam and Xbox at the same price as its original launch, $39.99 — the Digital Deluxe edition will cost $49.99. If you haven’t checked Sifu out yet and don’t want to wait, it’s available now on PC via the Epic Games Store, PlayStation 4/5, and Nintendo Switch.

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