The Sanctuary Walkthrough – Sifu

The last stage of your quest for revenge sees you atop a mist-shrouded hill. Head through the double doors in front of you and approach the man guarding the main entrance of the Sanctuary. Feel free to listen to his little spiel, and whenever you’re ready, sweep him to start the fight off. Take advantage of the nearby walls and toss him into them if you manage to parry him.

Go inside the Sanctuary, and turn left once inside where you’ll see a woman sitting down. On the left table in this room (not the one she’s sitting at) you’ll find the Newspaper board item. Then leave the sitting around and go left and out the glass doors. In the next room, there will be three paths. The way forward is locked, but will serve as your shortcut to the boss once you receive the Keycard. The door on your right is the path forward, while the left-hand door takes you into the dining area and kitchen. This part is optional, but offers you a Shrine. It can be a tough fight, so the next paragraph will offer tips — go through the right-hand door and skip ahead if you’d rather not risk dying in the kitchen.

The Kitchen Fight: When you walk in, you’ll see two waiters scrubbing tables. Attack them first, since otherwise they’ll ambush you. Do as much damage to them as you can, and use the long tables to keep away from the approaching enemies. Once you’re in danger of getting surrounded, sprint to the kitchen and grab a knife from the counter all the way in the back of the kitchen — there’s one on the far left and one on the far right, so you can grab another if you lose your first one.

Note that you can vault the big island in the middle, despite the fact that the burner is on. This island is an excellent place to fight, since it’s a long way around for enemies that want to flank you, and you’ve got the bar nearby to vault as well. Continue vaulting the bar, island, and tables, and throw all the bottles you can. Save the Juggernaut enemy for last, leading the other enemies away from him until he’s the only one left. Make sure you visit the Shrine before leaving the way you came in.

the sanctuary sifu walkthrough shrine in kitchen
The shrine is on the left side of the room (relative to where you entered)

You’ll enter a small garden — walk across it and re-enter the building via the double doors. Take a right and head up the stairs, where you’ll be confronted by a pretty tough Juggernaut. If you have the Environmental Mastery skill, there’s a foot-stool you can sprint at and kick that sits right in front of him. Once he’s finished, head down the hallway to the left (relative to where you came up the stairs). The last room on the right is Room 206, which you can unlock using the keycard you found in the first level. Inside the room, you’ll find two Board items on the counter below the TV: the Flower’s Key, which can be used to unlock the door just before the Botanist boss fight, and Fajar’s Medical Report.

Leave the room, turn left and continue down the 2nd story hallway, and at the end you’ll fight two masseuses. Don’t skip them, since they’ll ambush you in the next fight if you don’t take them down now. After fighting the masseuses, you can sprint out of the window for a dramatic entrance. The patients training in the courtyard won’t attack you, so ignore the patients and fight the woman standing above them — she’s a Juggernaut-lite, so watch for her grab attack and try to parry her relatively slow combos.

the sanctuary sifu walkthrough juggernautlite
Despite their aggressive posture, none of these nice folk will attack you, so you can head straight for their instructor

Once she’s down, go up the stairs and through the door on your left. Ignore the reception area and go down the hallway; on your left is another optional fight against just two enemies, one of which is a Dancer. You can simply leave via the door straight ahead, or enter the door on your left for extra XP. Upon entering the optional area, you can dispatch the closer enemy immediately if you’re fast enough. Then throw the bottles on the nearby counters at the second enemy to weaken her before engaging. Leave via the door you didn’t come in through if you take this optional path — otherwise, go straight down the hallway and through the door.

You’ll find yourself in another garden. To the left is a locked door that leads to the Aromatic Garden, and to the right is a Shrine. If you’re full or nearly full health, it’s actually a good idea to not use this shrine yet, as you’re about to get into a pretty tough fight. Enter the double doors across the garden from where you entered, where you’ll face two Juggernaut-lite enemies. The right side of the room has a number of vaults you can use to keep them separated, and a few bottles on the counter. If you have the Environmental Mastery skill, there are also a number of stools on the left side of the room you can kick at your foes for an easy trip (try to use these right when they start a combo).

the sanctuary sifu massage room fight
In this image you can see both the correct area to fight in, as well as the incorrect way to fight (surrounded)

Defeating both of these enemies earns you the Aromatic Garden Key, which you can use to open the locked door you just saw in the garden. Leave this area the way you came in, then use the Shrine if you saved it. From the shrine, turn around and head straight through the locked door. Head down the stairs and turn right, then forward a bit to engage the Juggernaut and his two buddies. As always, draw the weaker enemies far away, and take care of them before engaging the Juggernaut. There are a number of bricks as well as a stick near the stairs the Juggernaut came down, so feel free to utilize those in taking him and his friends down. Before heading further up the stairs, turn left while facing the stairs and head towards the statue there — inspect it to receive the Statue board item.

statue the sanctuary sifu
The Statue is to the left of the stairs — you can’t interact with it until you take down the first group of enemies

Head up the stairs towards the next set of enemies, but not before picking up a brick. The woman is a Dancer enemy, so take her down first, as it will be quicker. Once she’s out, deal with the Juggernaut-lite. If you struggle with these enemies, feel free to use the nearby bricks, but it’s best to save them for the even tougher enemy coming up. With the Juggernaut-lite dispatched, there’s just one more enemy between you and the boss.

Go up one more set of stairs up to aggro the guy with the staff, then lead him back down the stairs, and throw all the bricks you can at him. To get them to land, it’s best to wait until he starts a combo or attack before throwing. Also try to sweep him ASAP so he drops his weapon, at which point his combos are much slower and easier to manage. When you finish him, you’ll receive the Keycardthis unlocks the door behind to the lobby — this is your shortcut to reach the boss of this level.

Head up the stairs and through the double doors, then use the Shrine on your right. You can’t use Focus skills on the boss, so don’t upgrade anything Focus-related. When you’re ready, head down the hall and through the doors to face your final test, Yang the Leader.

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