Sifu Coming to Steam & Xbox March 28th With New Arenas Expansion

We’ve finally been given a release date for Sifu’s Steam and Xbox debut: the Kung fu brawler is set to hit the stores of Valve and of Microsoft’s console on March 28th. This launch date also coincides with the release date of the upcoming Arenas Expansion, a free update to the game that adds a brand-new set of game modes and challenges.

In case you can’t (or don’t want to) watch the trailer, here’s a summary of what’s coming in the Sifu Arenas expansion:

  • 5 new game modes:
    • Capture – You must stay in a small square, meaning no running away!
    • Survive – Face wave after wave of enemies
    • Manhunt – Take down a specific target who is protected by other foes
    • Performance mode – Aim for the highest score possible
    • Time Attack – Clear a level as fast as you can
  • 9 Arenas (used in the five modes)
  • 45 Challenges

All told, the new Arenas expansion should provide up to 10 hours of additional playtime — and that’s on top of a base game that’s pretty freakin’ tough for all but the most hardened Kung fu veterans (or people who take advantage of our walkthrough).

Sifu was a hit when it released in 2022 as a PlayStation/Epic exclusive, selling an impressive 1,000,000+ copies in its first three weeks. French developers SloClap have done an equally impressive job supporting the game, adding difficulty modes, gameplay modifiers, new outfits, and other improvements. If you already beat Sifu, the Arenas will be a good excuse to boot it back up; for people who haven’t tried it yet, well, you should. Check out our Sifu review if you need more convincing!

Sifu will be available March 28th on Xbox and PC via Steam for $39.99. It is currently available on the Epic Store and PlayStation Store for the same price.

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