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If you’re trying to get 100% completion on Sifu’s Detective Board, you’ve come to the right place! As you progress through Sifu, you’ll collect items on your Detective Board. Some of these are useful items like keys or codes, or notes about locked paths, while others simply serve to flesh out the story. In this guide, we’ll list all the known Detective Board items, as well as how to obtain them, organized by level.

Our walkthrough includes directions on finding up all the board items you can pick up (ie, ones that aren’t automatically acquired). Click a location’s name to go to the relevant walkthrough.

The Squats

  1. Fajar – The Botanist – You must acquire this item from the table by the window before you can begin the first level.
  2. The Squats – Recieved automatically at the start of the game.
  3. Gangsters – Acquired by encountering enemies at the start of the level.
  4. Skull Letter – Found on the avenue door that serve as this level’s shortcut.
  5. Avenue Door – The Squats’ shortcut, acquired by interacting with the door in the bottom floor of the first building you enter. Unlocked by the Bunch of Keys.
  6. Addicts – Acquired by inspecting the junkies hanging out in the second story of the first building you enter.
  7. Purple Mist – Found in the kitchen of the apartment you jump into from across the street
  8. Juggernaut – Acquired after facing your first Juggernaut enemy.
  9. Bills – Acquired in the same room you encounter your first Juggernaut enemy.
  10. Skull Brothers – You get this board item after defeating the Twins and acquiring the Bunch of Keys.
  11. Bunch of Keys – The second board item acquired after defeating the Twins.
  12. Metal Gate – Unlocked by the Bunch of Keys.
  13. Club Flyer – Found on a table in the section just past the Metal Gate.
  14. Purple Flower – Found in the Hangar (where the drugs are made) on a table.
  15. Keycard 206 – Found just before the boss fight. Opens Fajar’s room at The Sanctuary.
  16. Private Room Door – The locked door just before the boss. Unlocked by the Flower’s Key found in Room 206 at The Sanctuary.
  17. Hongbao – Found behind the Private Room Door.
detective board squats image

The Club

  1. Sean – The Fighter – You begin the game with this item on your Detective Board.
  2. The Club – Also something you get automatically at the start of the game.
  3. Clubbers – Acquired by encountering enemies at the start of the level.
  4. Finding Sean – Speak to the bartender you meet right after entering the club to acquire.
  5. Flashkick – Acquired by facing the Dancer enemy on the dancefloor.
  6. Access Door – Interacting with the door on the far right corner of the dance floor room earns you this board item. Opened with the Burning Pass, this is the shortcut for this level.
  7. Code Door – Found in the far left corner of the dance room. Opened with the Club Code recieved by defeating a miniboss at The Museum. Defeating the enemies within grants the Fire Key.
  8. Fire Key – Acquired by defeating the enemies behind the Code Door.
  9. Sean’s Disciple – Acquired after facing your first Disciple enemy — defeating this enemy grants you the Disciple’s Pass.
  10. Disciple’s Pass – Defeating Sean’s Disciple grants this board item, which opens the Access Door shortcut as well as the way forward.
  11. Tech Guy – You get this board item after entering the Sound Booth.
  12. The Three Trials – Recieved by speaking to the disciple right before the trials begin and asking about the Trials.
  13. Hacker’s Key – Acquired by speaking with the Tech Guy after acquiring Jinfeng’s Computer in The Tower, and then saying “Computer Access” and then “The Corporation”.
  14. Sean’s Values – Acquired by interacting with all three of the markings on the wall in the alley before the Fire Box.
  15. Fire Box – Found just after Sean’s Values. Unlocked by the Fire Key.
  16. Sean’s Father – Found in the Fire Box.
detective board club image

The Museum

  1. Kuroki – The artist – You begin the game with this item on your Detective Board.
  2. The Museum – Also something you get automatically at the start of the game.
  3. Security – Acquired by encountering enemies at the start of the level.
  4. Museum Map – Found on a small table in the first area after meeting the Security.
  5. Stairs Access – The Museum’s first shortcut, unlocked by the Museum Keycard. Found just past the first exhibition, across from the Elevator.
  6. Elevator – The second shortcut, which leads directly to the boss. Opened with the Elevator Key, which is acquired right before the boss.
  7. Exhibition: Identity – Pick this up from the table right before entering the first exhibition.
  8. Exhibition: Cycle – Pick this up from the table right before entering the second exhibition.
  9. Sean’s Army – You get this board item after encourting more Disciples in the room with the lightbulbs.
  10. Exhibition: Twins – Pick this up from the table right before entering the third exhibition.
  11. Bodyguard – A tough miniboss — meeting him grants this Board item.
  12. Museum Keycard – Acquired after defeating the Bodyguard — unlocks the Stairs Access.
  13. Artist Residence Door – Locked door on the fourth floor, opened with the Artist’s Key found at The Tower.
  14. Family Photo – Found behind the Artist Residence Door.
  15. Club Code – Defeat the staff wielding woman on the third floor to recieve this code, which unlocks the Code Door in The Club.
  16. Strange Mask – Acquired by inspecting the strange mask the woman with the Club Code was looking at.
  17. Temporary Exhibition – Pick this up from the table right before entering the fourth exhibition.
  18. Kuroki’s Inner Circle – Acquired automatically while making your way through the fourth exhibition.
  19. Elevator Key – Unocks the Elevator, and acquired by defeating the twins just before the final boss.
the museum board sifu

The Tower

  1. Jinfeng – The CEO – You begin the game with this item on your Detective Board.
  2. The Tower – Recieved automatically at the start of the game.
  3. Art Auction – Turn left past the desk in the lobby and find this on the table against the wall.
  4. Elevator – The right hand elevator in the lobby — unlocked by the Elevator Keycard.
  5. Jinfeng’s Computer – Found in Jinfeng’s office — unlocked by the Hacker Key, which you can acquire at The Club only after first getting this board item.
  6. Jinfeng’s Safe – Interacting with Jinfeng’s Computer after getting the Hacker Key unlocks her safe on the right side of the room — inside, you’ll find the Artist’s Key as well as The Guardian’s Vow.
  7. Artist’s Key– Found in Jinfeng’s Safe, and unlocks the Artist Residence Door in The Museum.
  8. The Guardian’s Vows – Found in Jinfeng’s Safe.
  9. Employees – Gained automatically after fighting some of The Tower’s staff.
  10. The Sanctuary – Found underneath the projector screen the room where enemies are having a conversation.
  11. The Rift– Acquired automatically after entering The Rift.
  12. Hui Su– Meeting the first mini-boss grants this Board item.
  13. A Conspiracy– Acquired automatically after meeting Hui Su.
  14. Sun Mei – Meeting the second mini-boss grants this Board item.
  15. Elevator Keycard – Defeating Sun Mei mini-boss nets you this keycard, which unlocks the right-hand elevator in the lobby.
  16. The Dawn – Acquired after meeting Sun Mei for the first time.
  17. Shadows – After being attacked by ninja-style enemies in the Rift, you’ll recieve this Board item.
detective board tower image

The Sanctuary

  1. Yang – The Leader – You begin the game with this item on your Detective Board.
  2. The Sanctuary – Recieved automatically at the start of the game.
  3. Newspaper – Turn left once entering the first building, then look at the left-hand table to find the Newspaper.
  4. Inner Garden Door – Encountered in the second room of the Sanctuary — unlocked by the Keycard you acquire at the end of this level, right before the boss.
  5. Room 206 – Found on the second story of the residential building — unlocked with Keycard 206 from The Squats.
  6. Flower’s Key – Found inside Room 206.
  7. Fajar’s Medical Report – Found in Room 206.
  8. Aromatic Garden Door – A locked door encountered in another garden with a Shrine. Unlocked by the Aromatic Garden Key.
  9. Aromatic Garden Key – Defeating the two Juggernaut-lite enemies in the area just after first discovering the Aromatic Garden Door will grant this key.
  10. The Statue – Inpsect the statue in the Inner Garden, to the left of the stairs that lead to the boss. to acquire this board item.
  11. Keycard – Obtained after defeating the mini-boss which serves as the final enemy before the boss. Unlocks the Inner Garden Door.
  12. Alchemist Vows – Discovered immediately before the boss, on the last table on the right.
  13. Yang’s Flowers – Acquired automatically after defeating Yang for the first time.
  14. The Tombs – Also acquired automatically after defeating Yang for the first time..
  15. The Five Values Acquired automatically after facing Yang for the first time..
  16. Sacred Mountains – Acquired after discovering the games true ending (see the “SECRET” tabs in the boss guides of our Walkthrough).
detective board sanctuary image

We hope this guide on Sifu’s Detective Board was helpful! Let us know if you need help finding anything, or if you have other questions or suggestions, by using the comments below!

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2 years ago

Great guide, thanks! Note, I have Sanctuary #15 unlocked without having beaten Yang. Perhaps unlocked by facing him the first time?

2 years ago

I received the tower item #16 upon entering the room with the second mini-boss sun mei.

2 years ago

For some reason I cannot pick up the collectible “Sean’s father” but I have fire box, hope there’s a way around it because if that stops me getting platinum I’ll be furious

1 year ago

Thank you. Really Helpful.