Sifu Walkthrough

Welcome to our 100% Completion Sifu walkthrough! We’ve got a guide for each level and boss — use the menu below to get started.

Note that the Prologue is not included in the walkthrough, as it’s a tutorial and you cannot fail it.

The walkthrough uses some game-specific terms you should know:

  • Guard – Holding the guard button blocks incoming attacks, at the cost of structure.
  • Avoid – While holding the guard button, pressing up or down on your movement input will avoid that direction.
  • Dodge – Pressing the sprint/dodge button and a direction will dodge in that direction.
  • Parry – Pressing the guard button the moment an attack lands will parry the attack, damaging your opponent’s structure.
  • Structure – The yellow bar that fills above your opponent’s head, and in the center of your screen. If your opponent’s structure is broken (this occurs when the bar is filled), they will be stunned, and you can perform a finishing move on them. If your structure is broken, you’ll be momentarily stunned.
  • Focus – The blue bar in the bottom left of the UI — once at least one bar is filled, you can execute Focus attacks. Earn focus by parrying or doing damage.

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