How to Beat CEO Jinfeng, Tower Boss – Sifu

The CEO Jinfeng is the second-to-last boss fight in Sifu, but surprisingly is not quite as tough as the previous boss. In this guide, we’ll go over all of Jinfeng’s moves, and give specific strategies as well as general tips and tricks for dealing with her.

Note that the following is only applicable after beating the game once and being sent back to the Wuguan.

SPARING BOSSES: During the second phase of boss fights in Sifu, you can choose not to use the finishing move on them once their structure is broken. If you do this twice, you’ll be given the option to spare them if you stand close enough (while their structure is broken and they’re ready for a finishing move). In order to accomplish this, you’ll need to make sure you don’t reduce their health bar to zero in the process — if their health is close to gone, you’ll have to parry them instead of attacking to break their structure.

Sparing every boss is the only way to truly beat the game.

General Tips

  • Jinfeng has very low health, so as long as you’re agressive after she attacks, this fight shouldn’t take too long
  • Her moves change very little in phase 2, but come slightly quicker and do more damage
  • Her ranged attacks are easier to dodge the further away you are, but naturally you’ll have more distance to cover the further back you stand. Find the distance that lets you dodge or parry easily but still allows you to attack her when she finishes her combo.

Phase 1

When you’re far away from the CEO, there are only three moves you’ll see (plus 1 follow-up), and all 3 are very predictable. As long as you have the Focus Gain shrine reward to at least level 1, it’s best to avoid most or all of Jinfeng’s attacks. If you don’t have it, try to parrying them instead. Once you’ve avoided her longe range attack/combo, rush in and deal some damage to her.

At close range you can still parry or avoid her attacks, though it becomes slightly harder — all her attacks speed up the closer you are to her. Until you’re comfortable with all her moves, it’s best not to stay too close to her. As with many bosses, sometimes these combos are ended early, and occasionally you’ll see just one move from the combo performed separately.


Double Flick Combo

Avoid down, down, up, or parry this combo. Generally, she gives you plenty of time to attack her after it finishes.

ceo long range combo sifu gif

Twirling Combo

This combo has a longer wind up, as well as a longer delay between moves, but is avoided the same way as the other long range combo: down, down, up. It also offers a chance to attack once it’s over.

ceo long range combo 2 sifu gif

Sweep Attack

This attack always starts with Jinfeng bringing her weapon behind her back, then sweeping it around. Avoid up, then run in for some free damage.

ceo sweep attack sifu gif

Overhead Followup

If you’re damaged by one of her long-range attacks, Jinfeng will sometimes follow up with an overhead swing. If you’re knocked to the ground — which is likely — dodge at an angle towards her to avoid her attack and get in some follow-up attacks of your own. Sometimes this attack is used by itself as well.

ceo overhead followup sifu gif

Flick + Kick + Punch

Sometimes, if you’re too close, but not close enough for the melee attacks, Jinfeng will do two rapid ranged attacks and then finish with a spinning punch. You’ll need to parry or avoid down for all three attacks.

ceo combo overhand

Cartwheel Flick

Another move you’ll see when close, Jinfeng will flip backwards and flick her weapon at you. Easy to see coming, and therefore easily avoided or parried.

ceo cartwheel flick sifu gif

Melee Combo

The most difficult part to dodge is the final spinning punch, which comes after an initial fake-out spin (you can see her actual final attack by paying attention to the blue shadow it creates).

ceo melee combo

Spin and Kick

This two-attack combo has a tough-to-read opening move. When in doubt, it’s OK to hold block against her opening attacks in Phase 1.

ceo spin and kick sifu gif

Phase 2

The strategy remains the same — try to stay at range, avoid or parry her combos, then rush in and damage her. Then back off and avoid her faster melee attacks best you can, and repeat.

Jinfeng uses all of her phase 1 moves in addition to her new moves. Additionally, the end of the Double Flick becomes a guardbreak, and the beginning of the Twirling Combo becomes a grab (this is shown below for clarity).


Grab Combo

This is essentially the Twirling Combo from phase 1, but if you don’t avoid the first attack, you’ll be pulled to Jinfeng and whooped on. Avoiding down, down, up is still the way to deal with this one.

ceo phase 2 grab combo

Melee Sweep

Telegraphed by the forward punch; the final sweep attack is a low guardbreak. Even if you don’t manage to block or avoid it, you can roll towards her with the dodge button after getting swept and still get some follow-up damage in.

ceo phase 2 melee sweep
…I got back up and pwnd her

Wheel Attack

Kind of hard to see coming, but once it starts you’ll know it. Fortunately, it looks like all the other attacks that require a downward avoid, so start with one and just keep doin’ em — five in total, with a delay between the fourth and fifth. If you have plenty of structure, feel free to guard all but the final attack, which is a guardbreak and needs to be avoided.

ceo phase 2 wheel attack 2 sifu gif

Forward Melee Combo

Used when close; fairly telegraphed with the forward spin. All three attacks are high, and the final one is a guardbreak, so make sure you avoid it.

ceo phase 2 forward melee combo


Once you defeat Jinfeng, you’ll find yourself back in the Wuguan. Don’t forget to spend your XP at the Skill Tree! Next stop: The Sanctuary.

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