The Squats Walkthrough – Sifu

You’ll find yourself in an alley facing your eventual objective, the warehouse. The natural path forward is blocked, so you’ll need to head over the shimmering chain-link gate to your right. Hold playstation x button to climb it, then take out the two dudes hanging out on the other side. Head through the red gate on the left side of the alley and enter the building.

Go through the doorway on your left, take the right around the corner, then continue straight through the open glass door to check out the locked double doors there. You’ll see your first Board item on the doors, the Skull Letter. Grab it and then turn around. These locked doors will be the shortcut you can take once you collect the Bunch of Keys later in this level. Make sure you don’t miss the Shrine on the loading dock past the first 3 thugs when taking this shortcut.

squats first item sifu
Locked doors are indicated by a circle with a line through it — items you can pick up and open doors by a white circle

Head back through the open glass door, and take an immediate left and left again to enter the small room — there’s a metal pipe leaning against a mini-fridge that you should pick up. Then turn around and go up the stairs. Take out the guy here, and note how much more damage the pipe does than your fists. Head into the room to the left of the next flight of stairs and inspect the junkies — this will add the Addicts to your Board. Leave the junkie room and continue up the stairs.

There’s nothing in any of the other rooms, so don’t bother going into any of them; simply fight your way up the stairs until you reach the level with the large open window and the ramp of boards on the sill. Take out the two dudes in this hallway and then hold playstation r2 button to sprint out of the window.

You’ll find yourself in a dormitory with a decent number of enemies. This is your first fight against more than 2 foes at once, so you’ll need to make sure you position yourself in such a way that you don’t get surrounded. Try to sprint towards the enemy on the left and take them out with a series of strong attacks, then take out the woman before the third foe arrives. Once you’ve dispatched all enemies here, look in the kitchen for the next Board item, Purple Mist.

squats second item sifu
The board item is just to the left of the fridge in the kitchen

Again, there’s nothing to find in the extra rooms here, so turn around from the Purple Mist, grab a bottle from the counter, and then turn left and head through the highlighted door.

This next fight can be deadly if you let yourself get surrounded, so make sure you’re using playstation r2 button + a direction to dodge backwards when enemies get too close. Throw your bottle at the first enemy and try to eliminate them quickly. Because the walls are so close here, parrying and then pushing (playstation x button + playstation square button) enemies into a wall is very effective; try pushing enemies into one another to stumble them. The push kick (light, light, heavy) and the palm strike (playstation button left stick down, playstation button left stick up+ playstation square button) can also be used to knock enemies into walls for big structure damage. This is a good place to practice target switching — by switching between nearby foes during a combo, you can keep them all at bay. Use the left stick to change who you’re attacking. Don’t worry if you die a bunch here, since you’re almost to the spot where you unlock this level’s shortcut.

Once you’ve defeated all the enemies in the hallway, there should be a pipe on the ground (if you haven’t already grabbed it). Pick it up and leave the hallway through the greenish-brown door. Go up the stairs and head through the next door. There are enemies on either side of the hallway here; if you don’t take them out now, they’ll attack you from behind when you move on, so clear them before doing so.

sifu walkthrough the squats hallway clearing
There are rooms on both sides of this hallway — clear both of enemies before heading outside

Once you’ve cleared both sides of the hallway, head outside through the doorway or a window. Rush the woman with the bottle before she can throw it and attack her, then draw your foes back towards the worktable. You can vault the table repeatedly, and you don’t take damage while vaulting. Use the table to isolate foes, and try to only fight them one at a time.

Some foes here have a glowing health bar (see image below). If you try to use a finishing move on them after filling their structure bar, they will sometimes regen all their health and become stronger. Defeating them after this occurs will remove a death from your death counter, so do this only if you have enough HP to handle them and/or you have a death you want to remove. Otherwise, it can be best to keep attacking these enemies rather than using the finishing move on them.

squats vaulting sifu 1
It’s cheesy, but hopping back and forth over obstacles makes you relatively invulnerable
sifu shrine 1 squats
A shrine

Continue down the alley past where the outdoor enemies were hanging out, and you’ll find another door. Head through it to find your first Shrine. These offer a choice of powerful passive bonuses, as well as an opportunity to spend your XP without dying, so don’t skip them! Press playstation x button to purchase a skill (note that some are blocked if you’re too old, or if you don’t have enough score/xp), and then press playstation square button to open the skill tree and spend your XP. The Strong Sweep Focus is probably the most easy-to-use and effective choice of skills at this point, but feel free to pick anything that looks interesting to you.

Once you’ve grabbed your upgrades, turn around and climb up the wall — climbable areas are frequently indicated by vertical white scratch marks — and take down the enemies hanging out on the roof. Then, you’ll need to sprint towards the broken roof that was to your right when you first climbed up to the roof.

sifu walkthrough the squats jumping into window
Sprint towards the broken glass roof to enter the next area

You’ll land in a pile of cash and face your first Juggernaut enemy. These big fellas move slowly but have a devastating grab attack that you’ll absolutely want to avoid. The game teaches you how to do this here, but in case you missed it: hold playstation l1 button , then press playstation button left stick downas his arms come forward — the glowing orange hands are your warning the grab is coming. Once you defeat him, make sure you grab the Board item in here, Bills, before you leave via the only door.

squats item 3 sifu
This Board item is on a table against one wall of the room

Enter the hallway and make your way forward until you reach a dark elevator shaft. Hop down into it, then continue forward. On your right you’ll see a guy at the bathroom mirror, who is a useful illustration of a helpful concept: almost always, attacking enemies unaware of you will break their structure immediately. Try it out on him, then leave the restroom and continue down the hallway, then go through the door on the left.

In the next room, you’ll face a ton of enemies, but you can even the odds a bit: when you go through the doorway, turn left, then sprint straight through the doorway at the end of the hall, and continue straight, vaulting the window there — there will be a metal pipe leaning against the wall here. Sprinting here should also have pulled the enemies to you, and they should be somewhat separated. Fight them while they’re isolated, and take advantage of the window on your right to avoid fighting them in a group.

Once all your foes are down, grab your next Board item, the Club Flyer, on the table with cash — it’s the room you ran through on your way to the pipe. Also make sure you grab one of the pipes dropped by the enemies you defeated here if you haven’t already.

squats item 4 sifu
Note the Club Flyer on the table

Once you’ve got the Club Flyer, hop through the long window again and go through the door there. You’ll find yourself in a hallway; go through the door on the side of it. A pair of tough enemies await you within, but if you brought a pipe with you, they’ll go down quick enough. Run at one of them and use a series of heavy attacks to quickly break their structure, but don’t get greedy! If the other enemy gets close, dodge away and use the desk to separate them again.

twins fight sifu
If you attack as soon as you enter the room, you should be able to dispatch one of the enemies very quickly

Once you defeat the second twin, you’ll receive the Bunch of Keys, which will open both the Metal Gate down the hall from you, as well as the locked glass double doors you found the Skull Letter on. Those glass double doors are the shortcut you’ll use when trying to beat this level again with fewer deaths/lower age — see the first image in this guide if you don’t remember where they were. Use the Shrine on the counter behind the desk, then leave the way you came in. Again, don’t forget that you can open the Skill Tree while at a shrine.

Turn left and open the locked metal gate, then continue forward to the next door. You’ll enter the hangar, a large space with many enemies. Turn left and vault the box there, then drop down and get a free kill on the guy leaning against the rail. Continue along the walkway, then go down the stairs and climb the wall opposite them. Once you engage the woman here, the rest of the enemies in the room will start approaching, but they’ll be in a narrow space and will struggle to gang up on you.

squats hangar fight sifu

If you are having trouble fighting them on the stairs, there are a number of weapons scattered around the hangar, so try to sprint away while looking for them, and then use elevation changes and tables in the room to separate foes. Once they’re all defeated, head to the center of the hangar and inspect the Board item on one of the tables there, the Purple Flower. You can then leave the room via the door you’ll be facing once you’ve picked up the flower; before you leave, grab a fresh weapon if there are any left.

In the next room, you’ll face two regular foes and a Juggernaut. Rush one of the regular enemies to get a free takedown on them, then dodge/sprint away from the Juggernaut. The regular foe will follow you much quicker, and you can take them out while safely out of the Juggernaut’s reach. Then take down the big guy: Hold playstation l1 button and press playstation button left stick downwhen he tries to grab you, then attack after he’s whiffed. You can use this same technique on his regular combos — he has a 4 punch combo that ends with a guardbreak attack, plus a shove and a kick, so it’s better to always try to dodge rather than parry.

Once he’s down, leave via the door he was guarding, and sprint through the alley, making sure you stop at the Shrine (it’s hard to miss since it’s the only thing in the ally). Structure Regain is a really good shrine upgrade choice for the upcoming boss fight. Continue through the ally as it turns a few times, then make your way up the stairs and go through the door there. In the next room, grab the Keycard 206 Board item from the table, and then go check out the locked door across the room. Once you get the Flower’s Key at the Sanctuary, you can return here to get the final Board item for this level.

squats ramp to boss sifu
Reaching the end of this ramp will begin the boss fight

If you haven’t done so recently, get a drink of water and stretch — this next part will be the game’s first big challenge. When you’re ready, go up the ramp to begin the boss fight against Fajar the Botanist.

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