Sifu Gets Replay Editor, New Outfits, & Gameplay Modifiers in Free Update

Today brings another free update to kung-fu brawler Sifu — which we still say is an underrated gem that probably would have blown up if it wasn’t an Epic exclusive. The previous update came in May, so fans have had to wait quite awhile. The wait appears to have been worth it, however, as today’s update includes some pretty cool stuff.

Given the cinematic nature of the combat, adding a replay editor seems like a natural step. No doubt we’ll see some awesome fan edits of cool combat scenes in the weeks and months to come. The editor is fully functional, offering unrestricted camera placement, the ability to pan and zoom, and everything else you’ll need to get the perfect shot. You’ll be able to rock some new outfits in these replays too, with Wing Chun Light and Dark letting you show off your light or dark side.

Four new cheats and three new modifiers are included in today’s update. These include Vampire, which lets you decrease your age by killing enemies, and Free Throw, which lets you toss enemies at any point. Finally, the update includes some quality-of-life updates: unlocked skills can now be carried over to new saves, and you can modify the camera distance on takedowns.

If you haven’t given Sifu a try yet, it’s 30% off in the Epic Games Store ($27.99) at time of writing, and we recommend it to anyone who thinks Kung-fu movies (or punching stuff) is fun.

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