Final Sifu Update Revealed

In this era of games releasing unfinished, Sifu’s 2022 launch was a breath of fresh air. Developer Sloclap wasn’t content to drop a great game, however, and they’ve done an incredible job supporting their Kung fu brawler post-launch. A number of major content updates have added new game modes, modifiers, outfits, and even a replay editor. Today, we got a reveal teaser for the final Sifu update, which adds an impressive amount of new content.

In case you can’t watch the video (or just don’t want to), here’s what Sifu’s Final Update brings:

  • 2 outfits
  • 6 Arenas
  • 27 cheats and modifiers
  • 75 challenges

If you still haven’t tried Sifu, let us convince you — it’s one of our favorite titles in recent memory, and the updates have fixed most of the problems people had with the game on launch (difficulty, lack of reasons to replay the story). If you’ve already played Sifu, let us know what you thought of it in the comments!

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