How to Stop Food From Spoiling in Going Medieval

If you survived the first raid (or turned that poor, wounded settler away), you’re probably well on your way to summer. When the seasons change and the temperature rises, all your precious cabbage will wilt and spoil — but there’s a way to prevent it. In this guide, we’ll take a quick look at how to build underground storage for your food, to keep it cool and stop it from spoiling.

stew has rotted on stockpile going medieval
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The first thing you’ll need to do is pick a spot for your cellar. While you can put it in a building you’ve already constructed, it isn’t nearly as simple as starting in a new spot. Whatever you choose, the steps will remain the same, you’ll just need to do a lot more moving through layers to manage construction under a building.

layers going medieval

If you’re going to start building underground, you’ll need to get comfortable moving through the map layers. You can either hold Control and use the mouse scroll wheel, or use [Z] and [X]. You may also Control+Left Click any object to go to the layer the object is on. You’ll want to move through layers often to see inside buildings.

Once you’ve decided where your cellar will go, the first step is to mine away the dirt. Hit the Mine button [N] (shouldn’t it have been [M]?) and drag a square to select the area where you want your cellar dug.

how to build a cellar 1 going medieval
stockpile allowing going medieval

Next, build stairs leading down into your brand new pit, and put a wooden floor down there as well. This is also a good time to use the Zone button [F7] to make your new cellar a stockpile. Then, mouse over your new stockpile and select it, then Clear All and allow only Food on it.

Next, put beams spanning the walls — perpendicular to the stairs — and drag wooden floor over the top of the beams to create a “roof” for your cellar.

going medieval how to stop food from spoiling floor roof

Finally, build a roof at least over the stairs down, but preferably over the whole “roof” of your cellar — this way, you can use the space for a kitchen, or some other work area, once you fully enclose the space with walls.

going medieval how to stop food from rotting roof on roof

You should also now select your old stockpile, and untick Food in its menu. Your settlers should now automatically move the food from your old stockpile to your food cellar. Make sure you finish your cellar in the spring if you don’t want to lose any precious food.

We hope this guide was helpful! Let us know in the comments if you have any questions or suggestions.

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