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When your settlers first arrive to their new home in Going Medieval, they’ll do so with fairly limited knowledge — they won’t even know how to grow cabbage. One of your first priorities should be creating a Basic Research Table, and assigning one of your settlers to start researching via the Jobs menu [Y].

A settler assigned to Research will create Books, which are the currency you’ll spend to unlock new technologies in the Research menu [O]. Higher level technologies may require more advanced Books, such as Textbooks (which can be created at a Research Table) and Theses (created at the Advanced Research Table). Note that a Research Table is different (and one level more advanced) than the Basic Research Table. The higher level research tables both have specific technologies you must unlock before you can build them.

research menu going medieval
So much to learn

What to Research First

While there’s certainly no “right” way to play Going Medieval, researching some specific technologies first will make it much easier to succeed. Here’s what we suggest you research first in Going Medieval:

  1. Unlock Agriculture — you’ll want to start planting crops ASAP.
  2. Next, unlock Brewing. You don’t start with much alcohol, and keeping your settlers supplied ensures they stay happy.
  3. Furniture should be your next tech, as the improved beds should signifacntly improve settler happiness.
  4. Preserving Food is an important tech to prepare your settlement for winter.
  5. Decorative Structures are needed to create many of the specific Rooms in Going Medieval; Rooms provide efficiency bonuses to production, and should not be neglected.

From there, it’s really up to your personal style and preference! We hope this brief guide on Research was helpful.

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