How to Heal Settlers in Going Medieval

Whether it be from a raider or an encounter with less-than-friendly wildlife, sometimes your villagers will end up wounded. You may also end up with settlers who join your village that arrive wounded. Sometimes, your settlers will take it upon themselves to do the smart thing and convalesce in bed, resting until their wounds begin to heal. But not always! Often, settlers will continue to work diligently, bleeding all over the floor or the crops as they slowly expire. There’s an easy fix for this, fortunately.

injured settler going medieval how to heal
I know this world is killing you

Go to the Jobs menu [Y] and set the priority of Convalesce to 1 for the settler in question (though you really might as well set it to 1 for all of them). Settlers in need of healing should now head straight to bed to rest.

jobs how to heal settlers going medieval
If your Jobs setup looks like this, your wounded settlers will rest in bed
settler wounds need tending going medieval

Some more serious wounds need tending — you’ll get a notification in the upper right if you have tutorial messages turned on, and you can also check to see if a wounded settler needs tending on the “health” section of their info box (see image on the right).

If a settler needs tending, open up the Jobs menu again and make sure a settler has the “Tend” priority set to 1 (you should also hover the box with the number in it to make sure they have a respectable medicine score first).

If you’ve done everything right, you’ll see the wounded settler get in bed, and the settler you set up to be their tender at their bedside. There’s also some nice big green health signs to make it clear.

going medieval tending wounds heal settler

That’s all it takes to get your settler on the road to recovery. We hope this guide was helpful! Let us know if you have any questions by using the comments below.

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