Going Medieval’s Second Major Update “Merchants and Diplomacy” Has Arrived

As fun as building your own settlement is, it sometimes felt lonely in Going Medieval, with nothing out there beyond the edges of the map but raiders and the occasional wandering settler. Well, that all changes today: Merchants & Diplomacy brings a faction map and trade caravans to Going Medieval, plus the ability to relocate structures and advanced character customization options.

Other factions will now send trading caravans to your settlement — you can choose to trade or raid, though the latter will hurt your status with the settlement whose stuff you stole. Once you build the new Cartography Table, you’ll be able to see the Region Map and send out caravans of your own; they’ll need to be properly supplied with food for the journey, and you’ll want to send valuable trade goods to barter with once your caravan reaches its destination. Eventually, players will be able to raid other settlements with caravans, but not in this update.

If you’re someone who used to reroll settlers until you got one you liked, you’re in luck: settlers can now be fully customized, and each one is generated with a set number of creation points that can be spent any way you see fit. Created settlers can also be saved as presets and used in future scenarios. An oft-requested feature — the ability to relocate structures — has also been implemented in today’s patch.

character customization going medieval update
The new character customization is great news for anyone who wants to min-max their settler’s skills — or for players who just want to make a town full of people with funny names and mustaches

We were already impressed with Going Medieval when it first arrived in Early Access, and it’s plain to see that devs over at Foxy Voxel are making good on their promise to continue improving their medieval colony sim. If you still haven’t grabbed it, Going Medieval is currently available on Steam, GOG, and the Epic Games Store — take your pick.

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