How to Build a Two-Story Structure in Going Medieval

One of the things that sets Going Medieval apart from other colony builders is the Z axis: you can actually build multi-story buildings! In this guide, we’ll briefly go over all the steps to create your first useable second story. To begin, we’ll assume you already have a single story structure. If you don’t, you should check out our beginner’s guide, and then come back here when once you’ve got a rudimentary shelter all set up.

deconstruct roofs only going medieval

Our first step is to remove the roof on whatever structure we’re starting with, if it has a roof. This is easily accomplished: simply hit the Deconstruct button [K], and then tick the All Layers and Roofs Only boxes. Then left-click+drag the Deconstruct box over your roof and release to set your people to work removing the roof. Note that this project is best begun in the morning, otherwise you might end up with some grumpy settlers — they don’t like sleeping under the stars.

Next, replace your roof with Wooden floor (though you may want to leave a 3×1 rectangle open for your stairs).

going medieval 2nd story floor is roof
One man’s ceiling is another mans floor

Once your roof is gone and you’ve replaced it with a wooden floor, you’ll need to decide where you want your stairs. The easy way is to throw them on one of the outside walls, then create a landing using a single wooden wall + wooden floor, as seen below. You’ll also need a door if you do it this way.

going medieval building a 2nd story easy way

More realistic, and perhaps more aesthetically pleasing, is to put your stairs somewhere inside the building, on the first floor. You’ll need to cancel or deconstruct 3 floor tiles to fit the stairs, and you’ll also need to make sure there’s a way for your settlers to get to the stairs (if there’s at least 1 set of little blue footprints at either end, you’re good).

going medieval building a second story stairs inside
You can put stairs right up against a wall, if you want.

Once you’ve got stairs and the floor down, the remaining steps are just like you’d do for a single story structure: walls on all 4 sides, beams if you need them, and a roof!

going medieval 2nd story roof time
This roof is small enough that it didn’t require beams

You can do quite a lot with verticality in Going Medieval, including creating guard towers and much more. We hope this guide was helpful. Enjoy your new, taller structures!


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