Going Medieval Hotfix Crash Fixes & Bug Fixes

Today multiple crash and bug fixes have been released for Going Medieval as posted by the game developers on Steam. This is the first post-launch hotfix implemented so far.

Hey everyone, we have our first hotfix ( for Going Medieval live now.
This hotfix is focused on fixes for crashes, with some other key notable things listed below:

  • Various crash fixes are implemented throughout the game, caused by resource piles, room temperatures, roof spawning, building rotation, particle spawning, job panel, tooltips, & pausing production
  • Fixed crashes caused by naming settlers and village with non-latin characters
  • Fixed bug that caused dead settlers to get production experience
  • Added run in the background option: Players can now choose whether they want to allow the game to run in the background when changing focus (ALT+TAB)
  • Added a message when the player is trying to place a building somewhere where stability is 0. This also means that the message will appear when a player drags a wall off a cliff or tries to palace a wall on a spot with no stability
  • Merlons will not be counted as wall anymore
  • Fixed issue where music would get stuck on “one-note”



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