Hogwarts Legacy

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Hogwarts Legacy Review – Wizardry in Stasis

There are many, many people who love Harry Potter. Who read all the books and watched all the movies growing up. People who adore the franchise, people for whom the Wizarding World means an incredible amount. And it is those…

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Hogwarts Legacy Announces Delay for Last-Gen Consoles

In an unfortunate turn of events for those who were excited to play Hogwarts Legacy on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, or Nintendo Switch, the game has been delayed for those versions. This delay, which does not impact the February 10th…

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Hogwarts Legacy Announces a New, Game-Loving Professor

In a tweet on November 28th, the Hogwarts Legacy account unveiled a new character that will be in the upcoming game. This time, it’s Abraham Ronen, Charms professor! He was revealed using an animated card that transitions between a profile…