Hogwarts Legacy Community Manager Returns from Holiday, Promises Upcoming Reveals

Hogwarts Legacy has been keeping a steady stream of reveals going since November, including gameplay showcases, tweets showing off characters, spells, and potions, and the usual slew of trailers and reveals that you would expect of a triple-A game. Now that the game is barely over a month out, one would expect these press reveals to become larger and more frequent, and that looks to be the case given the recent tweet from Chandler Wood, the Community Manager of Avalanche Games (the publisher of Hogwarts Legacy).

The tweet, a reply to @BertieBottBean’s question as to whether Wood had returned from Holiday, hinted at more than just the end of a vacation, as Wood directly stated that he and the team were “working on some fun upcoming stuff!”

While this could entail anything, given how close the game is to launching, some replies noted that Chandler Wood might be hinting at a third gameplay showcase for Hogwarts Legacy, since he was the host of the first and second showcases. The first of these showcases gave us a look at character creation and combat, and gave us a good look at how the actual Hogwarts Castle would function. The second showed us how the open-world exploration would work, gave us more details about combat, and showed off the absurdly detailed Room of Requirement.

Gameplay Showcase 1
Gameplay Showcase 2

A third such showcase hosted by Wood could fill in some of the remaining details, such as how quests will work, what some of the crafting will entail, or how various non-combat activities that we’ve seen hinted at might operate. Given that the first and second showcases have 4.8 and 3.1 million views respectively, they also seem to be incredible hype-generators, and are detailed enough to give viewers a sense that they can trust that the game will be good (especially after a few recent disappointments in hyped games last fall).

Of course, the “fun upcoming stuff” could be anything, such as some more trailers, more Twitter reveals of small game aspects, previews with gaming outlets, or anything else. Whatever the case, though, we can rest assured that, with the Chandler Wood back from Holiday and the game only a month away, we will be seeing some major new reveals and marketing for the game from here until release. As if we weren’t excited enough.

Hogwarts Legacy will be releasing for PC, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X|S on February 10th, with purchasers of the Digital Deluxe version getting 72 hours early access.

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