Hogwarts Legacy’s Twitter Brews a Wiggenweld Potion

In a tweet today, the team at Hogwarts Legacy revealed yet another snippet of their upcoming game. This time, it is in the form of a potion, the Wiggenweld potion. The tweet explains that “In a pinch, the Wiggenweld Potion will restore your health. #HogwartsLegacy”, implying that this will be a… well, healing potion. It remains to be seen whether there will be other methods of healing (potion or otherwise), or if this potion will be the primary method of health regeneration.

Also included in the tweet is one video and three pictures. The pictures are each sketchs of ingredients and the potion itself, in what might be a kind of inventory or journal screen. The first two pictures are labeled “1 Drop of Horklump Juice” and “1 Batch of Dittany Leaves” respectively, which appear to be the ingredients required to make Wiggenweld Potion. The final picture is a similar sketch of the potion itself, labelled “1 Bottle of Wiggenweld Potion,” and also has some cursive text in the background which reads “Aids in healing and restores a bit of the Drinker’s health.”

The video attached to the tweet, meanwhile, is gameplay footage. It shows a cauldron brewing when the aforementioned ingredients are added, then the cauldron is stirred to produce the potion itself. This is done in a satisfying, mechanical way, giving us a direct preview of what potion-brewing will look like in Hogwarts Legacy. The video, however, is cropped closely so as not to reveal any of the UI related to potion-brewing.

This tweet comes off the back of a series of tweets related to spells and characters in the upcoming game, but is the first to unveil anything about the specifics of potion-brewing. It looks like a variation on a simple crafting system, but knowing the power and use of potions in the Wizarding World, this still has us excited to brew potions when the game comes out on February 10th.

In the meantime, what potions are you hoping to see in Hogwarts Legacy? Personally, I’m hoping to pull some Polyjuice Potion pranks…

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