Hogwarts Legacy

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Hogwarts Legacy Review – Wizardry in Stasis

There are many, many people who love Harry Potter. Who read all the books and watched all the movies growing up. People who adore the franchise, people for whom the Wizarding World means an incredible amount. And it is those…

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Hogwarts Legacy Cinematic Trailer Breakdown

The cinematic trailer for Hogwarts Legacy was released today on the Hogwarts Legacy YouTube channel, featuring an owl flying through a wide variety of places and events in order to deliver a note to a character, presumably the player characters.…

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Hogwarts Legacy Unveils Ministry of Magic Official George Osric

Another day, another Hogwarts Legacy character reveal. This time, however, we meet someone who does not either attend or teach at Hogwarts: Ministry of Magic official George Osric! As is practically tradition at this point, this character reveal came in…

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Hogwarts Legacy Will Be Steam Deck Verified

Valve’s handheld gaming device has been a success by most metrics. Critical reviews have generally been positive, and if you ask Steam Deck owners, they’re more than happy to talk your ear off about just how great being able to…

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Hogwarts Legacy Reveals New Character, and she’s a Weasley

It looks like yesterday’s announcement of the full cast list hasn’t gotten in the way of Hogwarts Legacy’s Twitter account giving us yet more character cards, but today’s is interesting nonetheless: Professor Matilda Weasley, the Deputy Headmistress of Hogwarts. While…