Hogwarts Legacy gets Theoretical with Professor Eleazar Fig

A new week means a new character reveal for Hogwarts Legacy, it seems, as they unveiled yet another character on Twitter: Professor Eleazar Fig. The Magic Theory professor is the latest of a long string of character reveals for the game. The tweet contained a 20-second animated “character card” cycling back and forth between a profile picture of the professor and a description of him. The character card is captioned, “Professor Fig knows more about magic than a wizard or witch might think. #HogwartsLegacy”

The professor, who has the look of a kind and wise old man, is described as especially astute, and is the first character to be described explicitly as an ally to the player. As well as being a very capable magic theorist, he also has a tragic backstory, wherein his wife Miriam died while researching ancient magic (something we know connects closely to the plot of Hogwarts Legacy). He has, apparently, been wracked with guilt ever since, and has sought to continue her research, which very well might be the thing that brings him into contact with the player character, who we know possesses an “ancient secret.”

We will have to see what Professor Fig is able to tell us about this ancient magic, and how he will be able to help us in our quest, when Hogwarts Legacy comes out on February 10th for PC, PlayStation 5, and the Xbox Series S|X.

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