Hogwarts Legacy Story: What We Know So Far

Hogwarts Legacy will feature an all new story set within the Wizarding World, with little to no ties to the stories told in the Harry Potter books or movies. However, Avalanche is making sure to keep this game “rooted firmly in Wizarding World lore” — we already know they’re taking pains to not contradict already-established canon. Let’s take a look at what we know about the game’s story so far — from the characters we’ll meet, to what has already been revealed about the plot.

The story is going to be set in the late 1800s and, of course, will take place in Hogwarts. Because of the time period, none of the major characters from the books or movies will make an appearance, so that “your legend is never overshadowed by any other hero.” However, some familiar faces may still make an appearance, such as the ghost Nearly Headless Nick.

The information in the following sections is primarily sourced from an interview with the game’s narrative designer, information giving in the game’s recent State of Play, and a blog post released by Playstation.

Your character will be the center of Hogwarts Legacy’s story. They will start the game joining the school late as a fifth year, and will need to catch up on their studies. However, there is something special about your Wizard or Witch, as they hold the key to an ancient secret that may threaten to “tear the wizarding world apart.” Additionally, they are able to wield ancient magic, and they will have to find out why this mysterious magic has made a resurgence after all this time.

Of course, you won’t be investigating alone. While you will be meeting many of the school’s professors while you attend classes, it appears that you will primarily be working with professor Eleazar Fig in the story. He will enlist your help in investigating a rumored Goblin rebellion, which will likely be a central part of the game’s conflict, and in the process, he will become a mentor to you.

hogwarts legacy fig

Throughout your studies, you will also be able to befriend many of the students. These students will all have their own story to be discovered, and can even accompany you on your missions. These stories will probably not have a large effect on the main story however, if any. Finally, the house elf Deek appears to be central in discovering and understanding your Room of Requirement.

As of now, we know of two major antagonists that you will be facing. Ranrok is a Goblin and head of the rebellion that you are set to investigate, while Victor Rookwood leads a faction of Dark Wizards and Witches. These two have formed an alliance to harness the mysterious magic that has surfaced for their own ends, though it is currently unclear what these ends are.

We haven’t gotten many details on the plot for Hogwarts Legacy, but it seems clear that your character is set to become a very important figure within the Wizarding World, and the game’s plot will show how and why that happens. As you will just be starting school when the game begins, the opening chapters will likely be focused more on classes than anything else, as you take a special curriculum meant to get you up to speed with your other fifth year students.

At some point however, you will begin investigating the Goblin rebellion with professor Fig, which will lead to you crossing paths with Ranrok and Rookwood. You’ll have to figure out why the mysterious magic you can wield has immerged, and discover more about the ancient secret that you are the key to. These stories will likely collide and come to a head towards the end of the game, as the Goblins and Dark Wizards will surely discover your connection and want to use this ancient magic for their own ends.

hogwarts legacy ranrok

In the recent State of Play video, it was also hinted at that your character may decide the fate of the entire wizarding world — suggesting that there may be multiple paths you can take in Hogwarts Legacy, including being able to take a dark path. The story is shaping up to be an epic tale, and an important piece of history to the Wizarding World that hasn’t yet been told.

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