Hogwarts Legacy Room of Requirement: What We Know So Far

The Room of Requirement is a secret room inside Hogwarts, that will only show itself to a student when they truly need it. The room is able to sense what its occupant needs, and will change itself to fulfill those requirements. As your character in Hogwarts Legacy is beginning their studies at the school as a fifth year, they are certainly going to need the help of this secret area to catch up to the other students. Below we will detail what we know so far about the Room of Requirement, such as what you will be able to do in this space.

While it is not clear when you will first find the Room of Requirement, we can probably assume that this will happen early on in the story. This will be the time when your character will have the most need of it after all, as they will need to catch up with all of the other fifth year students in their studies. It also appears that the house elf Deek will be a central part of finding it, and he will help you understand its functions once you enter it.

As this appears to be a central hub of sorts for your character, it will likely be very easy to access from within Hogwarts once it has been unlocked.

As of now, there are three major functions confirmed within the Room of Requirement: harvesting plants, brewing potions, and enchanting gear.

You will be able to raise both plants that can be used in potion making and magical plants that you can take with you to help in combat. It should be noted that the time required to take plants to grow will be in real time — so if a certain plant requires 20 minutes to be able to harvest, you will have to wait that in real time before it will fully grow.

hogwarts legacy plant growing

At the Potion Station, you will be able to use the plants you have harvested to brew your own potions. Once made, you can take these potions with you in your adventures, and they will aid you in combat when used. The types of plants you can grow and variety of potions you can create will likely expand as you progress in the game and your classes. With the Room of Requirement’s adaptive nature, it may even be possible that it will change to accommodate you if you choose to focus on one of its functions more than others.

Finally, you will be able to upgrade your gear. While it is not clear what will be required to upgrade the gear, there’s a chance that like potions, you will be able to get at least some of the materials needed within the Room itself.

Within the Room or Requirement, you will also have access to the vivarium. This is a magical space where you will be able to take care of any magical beasts you find throughout your journey, and it is fully customizable. You can create your own cottage here, and design it however you see fit. Something to keep in mind is that there is a limit to how many items you can create within this space so you’ll have to do a little interior design planning before you start plopping stuff down.

hogwarts legacy vivarium

The Room of Requirement is shaping up to be a central part of your growth as a Wizard or Witch in Hogwarts Legacy. Between the Room’s ability to change in order to suit your needs, and the customization available in the Vivarium, it is very possible that every player’s Room of Requirement will have a unique look from one another. There are likely even more functions within this central hub, and we will hopefully learn more about these before the game’s release.

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