New Trailer Shows Off Hogwarts Legacy Switch Port

Hogwarts Legacy is coming to the Nintendo Switch on November 14th, undoubtably giving many Switch-owning Harry Potter fans an early Christmas present. While there was always some question as to how well the Switch hardware could handle Hogwarts Legacy, the trailer that dropped today should assuage anyone still having doubts. The game certainly doesn’t look as impressive as it does on PC or next-gen consoles, but it doesn’t look too bad!

Have a gander for yourself:

The fact that Nintendo was so willing to show off the game as-is (rather than simply releasing a hype trailer of more cinematic quality) is also a very good sign for the game’s performance overall, as it suggests confidence in the product. If, in addition to having halfway decent visuals, the port takes advantage of the Switch’s motion controls, Hogwarts Legacy may go down as one of the more successful Switch ports in recent memory.

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