Hogwarts Legacy November Release Date on Switch Announced

Since before Hogwarts Legacy was even released, Portkey Games made it known that the Switch version would release later compared to the rest of the current gen versions. We weren’t told just how much later this version would be released, however, until now. In a Tweet from the official Hogwarts Legacy page, it was announced that the Switch version of the game will be released on November 14, 2023.

While this does feel like it’s still a while off, at least we finally have a date for when Hogwarts Legacy will be released on the Nintendo Switch. Part of the announcement says that creating the best possible experience is their top priority, so that likely means the reason it’s taking this long is that they want to fully optimize this release for the Switch, to allow the game to play smoothly.

It’s possible they will be taking advantage of the Switch features for this release as well — namely the touch screen. Adding touch screen functionality to the game in some way could help bring a unique experience to the game compared to the other versions. Combine that with the Switch’s portable capability, and it will have a feel that none of the other releases would be able to replicate.

As the game was recently released on the PS4 and Xbox One, this will make the game available on all current consoles! This means that you will soon be able to enter the wizarding world and experience this story no matter what platform you own.

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