Talent Respec Potion Found in Files in Hogwarts Legacy

Update (02/09): the Talent Respec Potion we discuss here was found to be marked as “ToBeDeleted” in the game files. There was also a “ChallengeReward_TalentPoint” icon found, without any traces to it in the data. Perhaps some of these items were merely an experiment… we are holding out hope!

One of the main ways to improve your character in Hogwarts Legacy is with Talents, and since they were first revealed, players have been wondering whether or not we’d be able to respec them. One supposed QA tester who did an AMA on Reddit claimed that there was no way to respec in game, but it’s hard to say how reliable that info was.

While no one’s found a way to respec yet while playing the game, there is a Talent Respec Potion biding its time among the game files. It’s named “RPG_PotionAbility_TalentReset”, and we imagine it does exactly what it sounds like! A big thank you to our very own FinallyRage, who discovered this code:

hogwarts legacy talent respec potion code

There isn’t anything on its cost, where it is awarded, or who would sell it yet — all we know that it does this: “RPGTriggerEffect_TalentReset”, and it has its own “TalentReset” folder under “Potions” (perhaps there could be multiple!). It also has visual effects, a model, and it even makes sounds, so that’s as real as we will get for now.

While this doesn’t guarantee that we’ll be able to respec, it certainly suggests that it’s possible! It seems like perhaps the developers are keeping something in mind for giving us some breathing room. Fingers crossed, it’s available somewhere in the game already. It does seem unlikely that they’d bother giving it visual and audio effects if it wasn’t supposed to be used by players, though it’s possible it was simply scrapped at some point.

The Talent Respec Potion might even be related to “Potion_Barruffios_Brain_Elixer” we also found in the files — a potion that worked as an XP boost in other games in the series (in Harry Potter: Wizards Unite, for example).

Have you found the Talent Respec Potion in the game yet? Let us know where in the comments below!

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